Curso de Adobe Photoshop cs3 Parte1

Video muy importante para poder ealizar nuestros diseños sin problema alguno, aqui explicare como se deve de iniciar al crear nuestro primer diseño la importancia de la resoluciòn en nuestro…

Learn how you can use Photoshop Touch to combine images, apply professional effects and share the results on social networks like Facebook and more, from your tablet.

26 Responses to “Curso de Adobe Photoshop cs3 Parte1”

  1. Sebastian Veliz says:

    exelente amigo muy bien esplicado?

  2. eric nicolas alfaro surriable says:

    gracias me sirve el curso, muy unteresante je je je saludos

  3. elearningperu says:

    no hay de que…

  4. Alejandra Zubizarrieta says:

    Las mejores #aplicaciones para #editar las #fotos en su #tableta #Android

  5. MyTrendyPhone ES says:

    Las mejores #aplicaciones para #editar las #fotos en su #tableta #Android

  6. superesonator says:

    Great that we get to see some shots of the app in this video. Albeit
    squeezed between titles, music and an irrelevent talking head reading
    corporate drivel.

  7. RelmAFM says:

    @oybproductions Platform of the future vs thing of the past 🙂

  8. Sasha Tsybart says:

    ????? ?? ???????

  9. d1ez3 says:

    Thank you for putting this on Android first

  10. Justin Skews says:

    I thought it came with the Note? Its meant to come with the Note 10.1.. I
    know that.

  11. Flávio Gonçalves says:

    Windows Phone 7.5 plesssss

  12. David Degnan says:

    @robojot Or Android tablet. And the app is $10

  13. abdulelah37 says:

    ????? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ???

  14. Robojot says:

    @dilorenzo1987 hmm good point…. :/

  15. jared lim says:


  16. H3rrJ3h says:

    @rotkiv3451 well – take me for example… I own a transformer prime android
    tablet – and before i bought it I talked it through with four good buddies
    of mine. All four got their master in IT and two of them use mainly Apple
    Products, the other two Android. The conclusion was: I’m that kind of guy
    who likes to highly customize my devices and so I choose android… I don’t
    hate apple – they deliver great products and are simple to use. but they
    simply doesn’t work for me… =)

  17. Planeta Géminis says:

    Ya lo estoy probando, está muy bueno.

  18. mark lopez says:

    bcs android is the best 😛

  19. Tante Frida says:

    eyeliner! 😛

  20. o0o74 says:

    You are replying to a 2 months old comments, things change, the app get
    improved, seem like you are the newbie here

  21. LeoBeoo says:

    hipstesr 1o1

  22. Adam Bennett says:

    this app works nicely on htc thunderbolt, but i have a slight problem and i
    hope its fixed soon..i can edit pictures taken from camera through app just
    fine, but yet when i want to edit a picture from my own gallery the app
    crashes…plz fix this crash problem as alot are probably having this same
    issue…not to mention that it shows not compatible with my device after
    installing yet it is as to why im posting problem here…plz fix crashing
    and i will give good review and 5 stars on play store

  23. doug Dp says:

    The app for Wannabe Hipsters


    >get a better tablet/phone >never had that problem >you’re shit then, i’ve
    been using photoshop for 3years so for me it’s simple as apple pie.

  25. helsinki says:

    @ratedfx not to mention the app shutting down because of too much ram usage

  26. DarkRazorZ says:

    Works fucking great on my Nexus 7, it’s pretty much perfect. I would buy it
    but there’s no support for 7″ tablets…

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