CS4 Tools & Layers (Part 1 of 2) – Photoshop CS4 Beginner Tutorial HD

Brandon talks about some basic tools and layers in Adobe Photoshop CS4, all while making an awesome stick figure! Recording software [Camtasia Studio], Microphone [Audio-Technica AT3035]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “CS4 Tools & Layers (Part 1 of 2) – Photoshop CS4 Beginner Tutorial HD”

  1. Camden Gentry says:

    @Ch-Ch-Check It Thank you so much just got it and i’ve learned alot!?

  2. dhananjoy singh says:

    @WiiSniperNation its called star dock.. u can get it for free?

  3. twilightman444 says:

    whats the option key?

  4. y3sipl4yc0d says:

    @ChChCheckItsClan Yeah thanks, i pressed the double arrow, i have a netbook
    see ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Ch-Ch-Check It says:

    Ctrl+Z (PC) / Cmd+Z (Mac) is the shortcut to undo. If you want to undo
    multiple steps, you need to “step back” with Ctrl+Alt+Z / Cmd+Opt+Z. -B

  6. Ch-Ch-Check It says:

    @y3sipl4yc0d – Its probably running off of your screen. So either size up
    the resolution on your computer or click the the double arrow ยป at the top
    of the toolbar (look right above your move tool).

  7. purpelmunkie says:

    thats badass lol

  8. Jijou3 says:

    its a pc, im using windows xp.

  9. Ch-Ch-Check It says:

    @y3sipl4yc0d – Glad we could help! =)

  10. Jijou3 says:

    the program does not freeze, i can choose between different tools and stuff
    but i cant do anything to the image.

  11. hypershadow43 says:

    when i open a new document it comes up looking like a grid.can you help me?

  12. MSFME says:

    Opps,I’m using using CS6 maybe thats the problem

  13. Sioreolu says:

    ugh help! idk what i did but all i see is a hand and i cant do anything
    else cept change colors and stuff

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