Crosswind Landings during a storm at Düsseldorf B777,767,757 A330 Sturm Andrea, (watch in HD)

Canon 5dII + Canon 100-400 + 1,5x converter + 2x converter which leads to a total focal distance of 1200mm. Subscribe for more Aviation videos. more landings…
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Links: Clip #5 – I can’t find the video anymore. If you know the name tell me and I’ll post a link. Clip #4 – (Tha…

42 Responses to “Crosswind Landings during a storm at Düsseldorf B777,767,757 A330 Sturm Andrea, (watch in HD)”

  1. OchitosBuritos says:

    i always wonder how much stress can the body of a plane handle.?

  2. Nick Matt says:

    This is mostly due to Bad Design of Flight Control System by companies to
    save money, Plus inexperience pilots. The Flight Control System
    should minimize all these motions. This will not happen to the Russian
    Antonove Airplane that has reputable Flight control System, check Antonove
    Videos online?

  3. overclockedHD says:

    Well this is what called skills, hatts off to those Pilots ! another one
    which is thundering is below ;)?

  4. Evaristo Boys Morgan says:

    This is crazy!!!! That’s why i call crosswind?

  5. ??????? ???????? says:

    The way the Boeing-757 is catching up with his glidepass nose-down is

  6. orionnijman says:

    Defenition of boss.. :D?

  7. Xirage Faith says:

    I think someone told me it takes an average a senior first officer or a
    captain to have the skills after flying for maybe 5-10 years to be able to
    cope with this in real life on a regular basis?

  8. PolishSpotters says:

    Great video! Nice one!?

  9. Juan Ulloa says:

    I find it funny how the airplanes try to overcome the wind. Awesome!?

  10. Dutchspotterss says:

    This is too good!!!! I want to thank all the pilots who always land the
    plane safe!!!?

  11. Andrew Wilson says:

    thats the worst runway i have seen in my life and i have almost been to 16
    states in the usa?

  12. Kelyn HD Aviation says:

    Everytime seeing this, I say to my self: “I love aviation”:)?

  13. ryushev2000 says:

    You forgot to mention the CRJ900 Bombardier?

  14. David Ekman says:

    I am wondering from what direction the wind is coming. In another video
    the wind is blowing right to left; in this one left to right from the
    viewers’ perspective. Do you what runway they are using? For example, 24,
    18, 36….?

  15. honeybunnyo says:

    cool video my man I have flight simulator x and I’ve done a lot of
    crosswind landings and its very challenging I’ve done lots of flights on
    the computer and im ready to be a pilot when I grow up 😀 no one will crush
    my dream ?

  16. George Meeni says:
  17. Ivixwait-Gunart says:

    7:01 Wow.?

  18. Rici Nur says:

    nice work?

  19. Hempflakes says:

    amazing pilots?

  20. David Ekman says:

    My God what a beauty at 0:47 ?

  21. Piksar6666 says:

    really nice R/C models. Very realistic?

  22. Andon Stoyanov says:

    This is WHY my life is NOT an EASY game !!! 🙂
    Thanks Cargospotter…?

  23. Dmitry Kostikov says:

    Vertical landings. :)?

  24. Davide Monge says:

    These #pilots are supermen!?

  25. Lucas LeDain says:

    Number 3 is blatantly fake, you wouldn’t just video you playing hide and
    seek with your daughter?

  26. Awesome Diamond says:

    Am I the only one who thought there was gonna be a jump scare??

  27. lazydragonslayer says:

    These didn’t scare me at all… And I’m 3 years old!?

  28. Sonia Thehedgeohg says:

    I went to my friends house one day and we went into her basement one night
    because we heard howling noises coming from the floor. As we went down the
    stairs, the noises got louder. When we made the way down, all the noises
    stopped. My friend decided to turn on the flashlight she brought with her.
    There was nothing there, not in any of the rooms. We walked arround with
    out the flashlight on, and I felt a breeze next to me. After a few seconds,
    my friend screamed. She told me that something touched her head. We walked
    towards the stair case to go back up. On our way back upstairs, we heard a
    faint and husky laughing. It followed with the words “I will be your Jesus”
    Weeks later, I came back to her house and I reminded her about the creepy
    event we encountered. I suggested that I stay overnight like last time and
    we record the noises. She agreed.
    We left her laptop in the basement so that it could record all the noises
    while we slept. In the morning we played the noises. We heard weird and
    creepy mooing noises that got louder by the minute and a half. At the end,
    we heard something similar to the husky voice. He said, ” I am the devil,
    and I know what you are up to, ——-” the last words was our names. Even
    though we were too old to do so, we cried. It was that scary. She never
    touched that laptop again, and we never went back down in the basement
    without the lights on, and we never went at night, and we never
    investigated about that god damned noise again.?

  29. Game69Mode says:

    These are fake as much as Jesus exists.?

  30. Robertas Ciuplys says:

    One time when I was a kid I saw a ghost no joke?

  31. JezzeBoy says:

    I don’t believe in ghost. Because “Ghost” are suppose to be a persons
    spirit that stayed on earth after death. But our spirits either go to
    Heaven or Hell after we pass away. we don’t live on earth as walking
    Sad/Angry spirits.

    Demons are real though! If something is harassing or scaring you, it’s
    demons. ?

  32. Ghost Hunters Paranormal Dorset Team says:

    Should of put some of our paranormal evidence on this video. Its real

  33. NitroCookie95 says:

    Anyone else just reading the comments so they don’t have to watch fill

  34. ThatRezzyKid says:

    The only one that scared me was 2. It might be fake, but just walking
    through a old civil war building at night. I mean people died there, there
    was a ducking cannon ball that blew up there. It’s so damn creepy. I only
    am somewhat a believer because I went to the trans allegheny lunatic asylum
    in West Virginia last year. Scary as fuck man. I seriously caught a voice
    on my recorder that says “help me” and it scared the shit out of my bro
    (who is 24). I will never forget that night, also there we places where
    people had been hung and murdered. You can still see the blood on the
    floors. It scares the shit out of me. Look it up, trans allegheny lunatic
    asylum. I caught voices, balls moved with no one in the room (no homo) and
    a flashlight would flicker on and off on its on. One of those twist on the
    top ones too. Scares the fuck out of me?

  35. Mark Dubeau says:

    5 of 5 proven fake…. Still awesome though?

  36. Shaye Okay says:

    Who else is reading the comments to distract themself? ?

  37. paul kwasiuk says:

    comment if u covered ur eyes with ur hands through the whole video?

  38. ian isabrony says:

    Scroll up coward ?

  39. Elías Martinez Murguia says:

    Super fake?

  40. Louise Smith says:

    Anyone else reading comments to distract themselves?

  41. ByRONykDooM says:

    Please someone tell me the im not the only one who masturbate to this

  42. Kuroi Inazuma says:

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw the ‘ghost’ in Number 2 was:
    You are now my Waifu.?

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