Crop Multiple Videos Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial

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8 Responses to “Crop Multiple Videos Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial”

  1. SoloShenkk says:

    hi, i have a specific problem, if you go on my channel and watch my clash
    of clans video, at the bottom you notice i put my name and episode. I put
    that there because i am playing on an android emulator, and it has the home
    buttons and stuff. I want to delete the whole black bar, and render it so
    that it’ll fit to screen of just the game instead of the home buttons too.
    I’ve ttried recording with other programs, but they are not capable to be
    edited in sony vegas. any help??

  2. KINDLE says:

    I’ve got inside secrets to expose with music! You wana swap?! He He! I
    can’t even to get two titles to blend!?

  3. gamecaro says:

    you sound like dunkey?

  4. Dillan Royce says:

    Hey can you do a tutorial on how to record like (MTD) MrTechnical Difficult
    ?!? The one where he on Omegle .. Please ?

  5. ahmuk lee says:

    thanks !!! really helpful ! ?

  6. Stella So says:

    so helpful!!!?

  7. Adrian Gerreyn says:

    awesome thanks heaps

  8. yeevonne says:

    Do you know how to create captions in Adobe Premiere Pro? I’ve seen people
    using scc file, but I have no idea what is that =/

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