Creating Layout Guides in Illustrator – CATC Design School – Distance Learning – This short tutorial will take you through the process of setting up a grid and layout guides in Ad…

How to Work with Blended Objects | Adobe Illustrator

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9 Responses to “Creating Layout Guides in Illustrator”

  1. Axel McHugh says:


  2. Med Mahogany says:

    Thank you Very Usefull

  3. shutterfilms says:

    Skip to 6:30. Last 2-3 minutes were most helpful. Thank you!

  4. Walid Khan says:

    Last 2-3 minutes was super useful! Thanks

  5. Jonathan Young says:

    Sooo helpful, thanks 🙂

  6. wwwwgg2g2g says:

    Awesome! This is just what I ‘ve been looking for ages.

  7. viejoKaikudin says:

    Super-useful! Thank you so much Sir. As a side note for other viewers, jump
    directly to 6:00 mark on the timeline to watch the useful part of the video.

  8. Alex Goldman says:

    when after the blend is made, is there any way to divide the new shapes
    into separate shapes that can then be blended with others? I am trying to
    blend along a path and then create a new shape off to the side of the path
    and blend one of the intermediate shapes IN the blend with the new shape.

  9. Jonson Ponce 2 cool says:


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