Creating Custom Brushes in Illustrator The Fast and Easy Way

Tutorial – Learn How to Make and Use Custom Brushes in Adobe Illustrator. Like my tutorials? Why not donate a buck or two!…
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Whenever I start a project, I like to work with a grid layout to help me place all the elements I need into proper alignment. Most sites work around a grid. …

14 Responses to “Creating Custom Brushes in Illustrator The Fast and Easy Way”

  1. Ashley Jaden says:

    Ah, nice! That little tip about putting things on “Random” will definitely
    speed things up!?

  2. Clay Butler says:

    Thanks for all the kind words. Unfortunately Google’s new commenting system
    is blocking me from responding to your comments directly.?

  3. phillip rudnev says:

    Very impressed, incredibly well done and helpful tutorial, one of the best
    I have ever come across no doubt. Keep it up mate! ?

  4. Jordyn Maultsby says:

    You tutorials are great. I always find myself coming back to them after
    watching others and yours are just so way more helpful. (I grew up as
    english as my only language and still to this day i cant speak it right.

  5. FarmerEugene says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Game changer for me.?

  6. Brandon Atkinson says:

    Can I have a custom brush stroke and make it fit and stay within a shape?
    Can not seem to figure that out in illustrator cc. Thanks for your
    tutorials, it is helping me tremendously ! ?

  7. ReinyGreen says:

    This is Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!?

  8. arndog55 says:

    I now LOVE brushes. Great tutorial!?

  9. Kenneth Poveda Mata says:

    Great tutorial, I love making and using all kinds of brushes for my
    projects. Thanks for sharing!!?

  10. glenn morel says:

    Man ur great this helps a lot!?

  11. Lagarta DeCastilla says:

    COOL!!! LOL?

  12. Fray4all says:

    From beans to eye balls, a diverse talent. Thanks for sharing; this was
    instructive and fun to watch. ?

  13. fjmicforce says:

    blurred video. ?

  14. Gambuto says:

    thank you!

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