Cookin’ NANTA Highlights

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  1. David Gay-Perret says:

    To all those who wish to see NANTA coming to Europe, write to them or leave
    a message here! I have no idea whether this will have any impact though…

  2. David Gay-Perret says:

    This is one of my best memory from my study time in Korea: I had never
    laughed to the point of tears in front of a show before! A MUST see for
    anyone visiting Korea, and I hope they come to Europe some time…?

  3. Alexander Groß says:

    Cookin Nanta
    Cookin’ NANTA Highlights?

  4. Michael Hooper says:

    We saw the show last night. was fantastic. ..the video does not
    capture the atmosphere, the fun and laughter. I would recommend anyone
    visiting Seoul to see the show.?

  5. Anne Looi says:

    Watched you guys on libra star cruise penang. It was amazing?

  6. Jessica Low Hsin Tze says:

    Watched u guys on Libra Star Cruise …Awesome :)?

  7. Amrit Bharadwaj says:

    This is amazing really awesome ?

  8. insert cliche name says:

    am i the only one who want a job like that??

  9. star dust says:

    i went to nanta performance in busan last month, one word… AMAZING!!!
    congrazt nanta! ?

  10. Pieter Ophals says:

    Confused :)?

  11. vivi44 says:

    Stomp did it better.?

  12. kC jose Chan says:

    Cookin’ NANTA Highlights?

  13. Kent Lam says:

    the show is superior, i saw it last week. enjoy it very much?

  14. Nathan Simpson says:

    Amazing performance (I like the part around 8:15 or so) – crazy blend of
    cooking, drumming, and apparently very sharp knives.?

  15. gaj gading says:


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