como colocar imagenes atras de un texto en illustrator

hola espero que les aya gustado próximo gameplay tal vez lo agá con mi nueva capturadora! like y sub 😉
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Learn how to create an awsome line and guilloché effect in illustrator! If you need any help e-mail me: Enjoy!
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21 Responses to “como colocar imagenes atras de un texto en illustrator”

  1. yasor edrey says:

    hola muy bueno el tuto como lo ago para que las letras queden con contornos

  2. Mariano Herrera says:

    Muchas gracias bro!!! ?

  3. GOOS Lopez says:

    eh me pudes pasar el link para descargar el programa Porfas :(?

  4. Carlos Zarco says:

    Gracias por el dato viejo, oye como se escribe esta llama esta técnica?
    como se escribe? ?

  5. Jairson Rentería Molina says:

    Muchas gracias =’]!?

  6. LoLLiPoP WaaCking says:


  7. eliAS Pro mine says:

    Agrega un mensaje a tu video.?

  8. janitabonn says:

    Eight (8) assholes put thumbs down to an amazing tutorial?

  9. brahim004 says:

    Beautiful stuff. Thank you?

  10. Pushpa Jay says:

    Thnaks. Nice Tutorial?

  11. Majd David says:

    cheers mate, that was nice ?

  12. Emmanuel Phillipe says:

    I cant seem to get this 3 minute excercise that looks so easy,Its cool
    looking at it while you do it ,but i cant seem to get it exactly the way
    you have shown.looks simple, unless it is windows ,how do i get the circle
    emotion .would appreciate your help nice tutorial.?

  13. Toni Taylor says:

    designhelper84 this is amazing, really exciting to watch! I’m new to
    illustrator and really needed something like this, thank you!! ?

  14. Luis Donado says:

    I like extracting those little shapes inside the figures that look very
    intricate for creating or adding it to logos and things like that. Great
    vid. ?

  15. Kern says:

    ok you’re awesome!!! ,… thank you?

  16. D??ng ??t says:

    thanks for tut?

  17. arma e says:

    why when i deselect my shape the last polygon is plain white? :(?

  18. dimas jek says:

    Thank You.?

  19. DynamicSun says:

    cool ^^ so easy and i do sinus with java

  20. Juan Gallego says:

    This is great. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  21. cofiking1 says:


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