CGI Animated HD Short Movie “ElectroShock” by Electroshock-movie

Fantastic 3D Animated Short: Directed by Hugo JACKSON, Pascal CHANDELIER, Valentin MICHEL, Bastien MORTELECQUE and Elliot MAREN. With the voices of Christoph…

As a very famous poet once said, in the simplest acronym possible, YOLO. The Wrong Kind, MazZako latest dish tries to dig a little deeper inside what really …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

38 Responses to “CGI Animated HD Short Movie “ElectroShock” by Electroshock-movie”

  1. The CGBros says:

    Thanks for all the great comments! We appreciate your viewership, and
    welcome you to the “bretheren”… be sure to tell your friends about us.



  2. Mady Dickson says:

    The first character I’ve seen that has my name. I am glad.?

  3. Logan Ferguson says:

    interesting that everything is in ENGLISH… but the acting is in
    SPANISH… something tells me budget problems. too bad, coulda been good.?

  4. Retham Polpatva says:

    i want acoustic guitar song in this video pleaseeeeeeeeeeee?

  5. Jack The Basketball Playing Elephant! says:

    Who else seen the cloudy of a chance of meatballs reference at 2:00??

  6. psyrmc says:

    Not sharing the housework is NEVER cool,
    No matter you have special power or not……?

  7. GeniePT Thao says:

    Cool video! I wish it was in English though. 😀 ??

  8. xXScenehDXx says:

    I need to do this?

  9. Danny Canes says:

    Great, I love it!!?

  10. Jeremy Rabinowicz says:


  11. moviescreams says:

    Totally awesome film. Very cool.?

  12. sarayut inparn says:

    8:10 dick?

  13. red9464 says:

    XD baby buck at 5:28 XD?

  14. Stephen Leejr says:

    if you dont mind me asking what kind of software did you guys use to make
    the animation?

  15. John Abueg says:

    the slo mo sequences are very similar to quicksilvers scene in xmen days of
    future past?

  16. Gylindril says:

    y the nipples?

  17. Alex Finch says:


  18. nirajan shrestha says:

    You guys have some nice videos…Keep rocking YouTube?

  19. Basant limbu says:

    Dami xa bor n sis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,which place yo……?

  20. Navaraj Rana says:

    Gajob xa keep it up baru esha ko no.dyeuna haaaaha kidin?

  21. Jagged Edge says:

    Just curious, but… who’s the cute chick at 2:02 onwards ??

  22. junkyjohn production says:

    sai xa…. dami :D?

  23. bijay giri says:

    Really liked it…pls kep making on it ?

  24. Bishal Grg says:

    Ew ?

  25. sandip limbu says:

    Esha she is gorgeous! ?

  26. Ashish Pokharel says:

    ta haru pani settle vaisakis 😀 ?

  27. whatsavailaible says:

    nice…kta haru whipped haha?

  28. amir shrestha says:

    Nice one?

  29. SoniPoponi says:

    Wow really liked it!:))?

  30. nirbahadur chhetri says:

    Good story?

  31. Krishna Timsina says:

    lol thinta beer?

  32. Saugat Balami says:

    Ekdam sahiii xa.. :D?

  33. Aashish Manandhar says:

    nepali rocks
    dhoti fuck :)?

  34. samir magar says:

    kina grannis……way u r..?

  35. Aashish Manandhar says:

    keep it up !!!!?

  36. krezall lawozu says:


  37. Meen Shrestha says:

    good job ?

  38. Aashish Manandhar says:

    keep it up !!!?

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