Catalog Icons | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial :: IMVU

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8 Responses to “Catalog Icons | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial :: IMVU”

  1. Ahmed Hassan says:

    Should show to edit a video likes this its awesome ?

  2. Anna Brewer says:

    Your voice tho ;/ ???

  3. says:

    Well done on this bruh.?

  4. Alazsha Ingram says:

    how do you do the copy it’s not working for me?

  5. Sammy Thompson says:

    Ok can you make a animated icon borders tutorial thank you and a leather
    sweatshirt tutorial ?

  6. furlormyn says:


  7. kareem fung says:

    How when you sharpen your image with unsharpen mask it you dont see any

  8. kareem fung says:

    Sup vyb this Fung @ Imvu nice tut?

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