C# Tutorial 4: Add pictures and icons in Frame

Frame Add Background Image …. Windows Forms Application C# How to set background with an image C# Insert an image in a GUI using Windows Forms Application …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Description: This useful how-to video shows you how to hide icons on your springboard, without uninstalling them. This is great for hiding Apple’s default pr…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

28 Responses to “C# Tutorial 4: Add pictures and icons in Frame”

  1. Gladys Visera says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR! Very easy and clear explanation 🙂 Its so amazing!
    Subscribed for yah ^_______^ ?

  2. luqmn lucky says:

    every single video of yours lead me to new world ! Thank You Sir.
    Respect From Pakistan.?

  3. James Momoh says:

    thank alots?

  4. Gian Karlo Sagun says:

    Thanks man!?

  5. LDT KingCan007 says:

    oh very good. thanks?

  6. osman ozbek says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Nice video?

  7. ayedabboushi says:

    these apps are more applicable on java!?

  8. Daniel Petrov says:

    Nice video, thank you.

  9. Zachary McClurg says:

    Could you make a vid where once they login they can have their own page to
    put stuff on and people to look at it?

  10. Yanky Kalifornia says:

    thank for the video

  11. Wobbly Thinguies says:

    I loved the tutorual and all that there’ only one odd thing:
    /watch?v=hERLH3Q-hCQ U Deserved a subscriber and a like!

  12. Rahil Shaikh says:

    can we hide any icon……………?

  13. Alec McArthur says:

    Thank you SO much! I put my 3 most used apps in SBSettings dock and it hid
    them. I thought they dissapeared and i couldn’t figure out how to get them
    back until now. Thank you!!!! 😀

  14. domination06 says:


  15. delzirockz says:

    Fuck! I dont want to jailbreak my Ipod! ARHGGG!!

  16. Danu Danari says:

    Thanks Dude,it really works

  17. appletechies says:

    @kitkat1327 Haha, yup. Finals have been taking up way too much of my time…

  18. snookie446 says:

    it named SBSettings , not SBSSettings !!

  19. MrUniqueTutorials says:

    Why can’t i see the name of the apps..

  20. JOZEFCREAM02 says:

    “SBS settings” LMAO fail

  21. Endre lønning says:

    It is SBSettings..

  22. 1amLtg says:

    ThNk u

  23. mansstude says:

    thank you

  24. kyshaun Drakes says:

    @appletechies it SB Setting you dick

  25. Mo666Games says:

    Jenna marbles song!

  26. chilidon22 says:

    Very helpful.

  27. appletechies says:

    SB SETTINGS! I’ll remember that next time! Haha

  28. Kantnklaar says:

    Exactly… Not planning to (jail)break my Iphone :p… Btw isn’t it SB
    settings i.o. SBS settings ;). Good video though!!!

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