Breaking the mold of procrastination


Procrastination can be bothersome in that you know you are doing it,  and it some ways it’s the safe course,  the easy course, but it just gets to be another format where you are just watching time pass you by, and having you again and again at that wishing well of what if I had gotten together the time and energy to make some attempts along the lines of what I really would have wanted.

And then you know you have the quotient for more, for more interesting, for more exciting, for more reflective, for more of a journey to the deep.

Procrastination also takes the form of an agreement with the no. No I can’t do this; I’m not really going to get going anyway.

One tactic to content with procrastination, rather than lying down in defeat completely, it to create a forked approach, where you can bend a little into the headwinds of procrastination, and take a look see at what you did want to try out a bit or try for a bit.

Your main road is still procrastination, but it is like taking a slightly scary detour of the main road, but you still know your way back to the main road.

This way at least momentarily you are seeing something else, experiencing and feeling something else, off the all too familiar main road of procrastination

Instead of seeing something as the proverbial leap off the main road you have been on, make some of what you are trying to do more of a diversionary type thing, rather than something that gets you off the main totally and then leaving you feeling like you lost your compass totally.

Because procrastination has been the main, it feels like it feels like walking off the end of the earth, if you go to far from the familiar road, and try to change course by leaps and bounds, uncertain what is out there that is even safe.

This might be mental gymnastics, but you have to do them.

You want to somehow form a picture, where this is just a side visit, because by now your identity is on that main road of procrastination, and it is like getting lost in the hinterlands if you can’t ultimately stay on that road or at least keep it close.

So admit, I am a procrastinator, this is me, I just want to step off the road a little bit, like an experiment.

In trying to break the mold of procrastination, you don’t want to shatter it, as shattering is not an easy thing to do for yourself.

The Rolling Stone’s have a song called Shattered. Within the song, it says look at me, I’m in tatters.

Shattered doesn’t leave you feeling good and dandy

However, sometimes circumstances, situations, dictates out there will do that for you.

For example, we have seen accounts recently of super global company’s going bankrupt and this might be financially shattering to a long time worker of this company or someone who had a lot of their business tied in with the corporation

Or Rome burns down while Nero fiddles, and now you have to go to another city where everything you know and are familiar with is in Rome.

But the shattering is useful even if imposed by circumstances in breaking molds of procrastination but in more cases than not you don’t want to be the one doing the shattering.

Nevertheless, the shattering is not your fault, and the breakaway that has to happen to somewhere and something else is imposed, so guilt is removed and you know you had to move in a new direction

The glass house was shattered but you don’t feel as bad because you didn’t do it yourself.

Something else upset or ruined the apple cart, but you didn’t do it yourself.

The whole industry wants down the tubes, so how am I to blame for losing this job

And now I have to turn in another direction and maybe I could have, but the mold of procrastination had settled in and I could have never broken it myself.

But if the shattering comes from you, it might be all the more painful, all the more overwhelming and you can’t easily spin through this spiraling chain of events, the sunrise of self blame appears as a false light leading you on into further darkness

Self blame can often stop you dead in your tracks and start you on the road to no where.

So if you are molding in procrastination, you can safely go into the shattering, only in your imagination and the ifs, what if I really couldn’t keep going this way, if all the doors closed suddenly on this

Do this in your imagination, and see where it takes you

Make believe and do whatever it takes to make believe that you can’t be in this city anymore, work in this field anymore, to test the high spirits of your imagination and see the shattering and the fields that can exist beyond the shattering.

If these outer obstacles actually formed, you would need to confront change, to start anew, to take the chance, to come to terms, chased away and toward by the shattering to new and previously unknown pursuits

Then, okay, I am traveling on this road of procrastination, it does have some great sights, but then again it is the main highway, it is crowded, and there may be some good sights in other less tended, less know, less seen roads that I can fork off to.

So everybody wants to be a financial whiz for the sake of money, but I need to explore the outer reaches of myself and what is out there now

Now, I can allow for curiosity even from the main road of procrastination, what else might there be out there, in the out world, you saw the Lord of the Rings, the fellowship may still be had elsewhere.

Allow for curiosity and exploring some curious pursuits.

What might go against this is the self taught adaptive voices, such as the voices which of society which say this is the only path to successful an, the voices we get from society and capture within all to well.

I’m not pursuing that because I am not rather perfect at that, so it falls totally out of consideration unless I can see the admiration of those inner voices of perfection, and perfection because another measuring stick another ruler that says no for now and maybe forever.

But I can still move a bit under the label of curiosity, I can watch this dopey movie, even though I see myself as intellectually inclined.

I can read about a less familiar subject, or visit a book, a place, an idea that isn’t going to mint gold for me in my personal treasury

I can go on this date, even though I have had ten horrible one’s recently through the dating service, because I am curious to explore at least a conversation with this new person, before I get back to hiding in the woods

I can take a shorter, more abbreviated look at this in another context, that is less stressful, less idealistic, less demanding, more low risk and ultimately what doesn’t have to be so high rising and yes, I do now have to reach those beautiful stars glowing in the night.

And that is another major point; everything I attempt to do doesn’t have to be so high rising. I don’t have to surf that beautiful perfect high rising wave this time to enjoy this outing at the beach.

I don’t have to write the short story of the year, to stir my imagination a bit.

I don’t have to win the marathon in Athens, before I give myself some credit for being a good runner.

I don’t need to be the Pope to have some spiritual achievements.

I might be myself on the grid of possibility without having to light the brightest bulb of possibility.

I don’t have to up tick all the way to up tick a bit.

A little bit of mustard on the sandwich of procrastination can spice things up in another direction, my main course is still procrastination, after all that is what I am, a procrastinator, but I have a side deal with something else, somewhere else, sometime else, even now.







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