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Boxshots And Ecover Graphic Software Officail website : Creates High Resolution Product Graphics In Minutes. Works For Mac And …
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Graphic Design Lecture

JCCC Graphic Design Program – Introduction to Graphic Design Speaker Series presents Jennifer Spencer of The Spencer Group.
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  1. Kyle Etter says:

    alrighty then, now that everyone has had time to resonate and gather their
    thoughts I thought I might reply to the bullshit thats going on with this
    feed. First of all at no point, whatsoever, have ANY one of you stated
    anything positive about the industry unless you were talking about
    yourselves. “Oh, I’m always booked,” “designers with degrees are always
    asking me for help,” blah blah blah. Yet I’m apparently the narcissist.
    Makes total sense. Additionally heres been my problem with this entire damn
    feed. Every one of you, are either A) not even in the industry so have no
    room to speak on it +propjam2 , B)giving absolutely horrible advice by
    telling up and coming artists to never do free or cheap work. By all means,
    do a shit ton of cheap work and even some free work for non-profit
    organizations/small businesses. This is an industry that operates a lot on
    word-of-mouth so if youre known as a shoddy artist with a bitchy attitude
    and greedy nature then no wonder you wont ever get any work. However, if
    you pay some dues, maybe you’ll get some good recommendations down the road
    that will lead to big commissions. C) +Herman Putz what you said about
    paying up to 60k a year to learn Adobe software is nuts when you can learn
    it is true, ill give you that. However, you have to keep in mind different
    people’s comprehension levels. Some need the instruction. I go to the Art
    Institute of Indianapolis, on a scholarship so I don’t have to collect on
    my GI Bill. I am also self taught. I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot
    from the instructors at Ai. They are not there to make you a badass in your
    industry, all any degree program is supposed to do is provide you with the
    tools to succeed and show how to use them. That’s why they teach the
    software, as well as color theory, typography, life drawing, perspective,
    art history, and a large number of other aspects of the Design industry.
    They give you tools, if you end up being a whiney bitch because you didnt
    get rich from it, then thats YOUR fault for never using them. Finally
    D-ickhead) +ROFLMAoo12 yoooooou, your comments, exhaust me, like honestly
    if i try to come up with some mental visual aid to how your brain functions
    I keep coming up with one of those wind up monkey toys that bangs the
    symbols together, only yours is broke. Anyways, you sound the most bitter
    out of all of these guys. To be honest I feel bad for you more than
    anything, I genuinely do. It seems you’ve given up on something and are
    taking your failures out on other Designers…..Ultimately I will close
    with this, the reason why this entire feed is total bullshit is because all
    you guys are doing is bashing an industry you have limited, if any
    knowledge of. You don’t know everything there is to know, you just know
    what you’ve heard, been told, or some minor occurrence in your own life.
    That is not enough to base any kind of judgement on the entire industry
    (and before you attempt to retort what I just said, look back at the
    comments, the entire industry has been dogged on multiple times by several
    people) What you are doing is spreading that negativity on a video that is
    intended to be informational for new Design students, as well as kids that
    are thinking about going into the industry. It is supposed to be positive
    and introduce them to some of the obstacles and resources as well as give
    them ideas on what other aspects of the industry they should look into.
    There could be kids with AMAZING design potential that could be extremely
    successful in this industry. They get on here trying to learn more and all
    they see is your limited knowledge displaying blanket negativity over the
    entire profession. It’s discouraging to other people and if any of you are
    anywhere near as intelligent as you are attempting to be then you will
    realize that you are not helping any of the people that read this looking
    for knowledge, you are cheating them out of a potentially amazing future.
    There is a difference between warning newcomers of some of the negative
    aspects of the industry and what to look out for in an attempt to genuinely
    help, and slandering other designers and the industry as a whole. You
    should all genuinely be ashamed of yourselves. If you are legitimately this
    negative then you have my sympathies, you must lead very miserable lives.?

  2. propjam2 says:

    it put today its totally pointless. you train for 3 years on software you
    can learn in 3 weeks. Most of the courses are out of touch with the real
    world. You’ll end up doing personal projects that you’re given months to do
    but in the industry are expected to have done in a couple of days.
    teachers/lecturers are bullshitters! they are there because they set out to
    be graphic designers but have slided into the job of teachers to take
    refuge from that vicious world. You’re better off saving your money,
    learning software and finding work experience with a firm. Now about that
    vicious world of graphic design…..
    Some of you may have a lucky break, maybe your rich daddy pulled some
    stings and got you a placement or a junior position with a top modern
    office firm, and now you’re working as an inhouse designer in the city. But
    for the rest of you poor bastards. its a long grooling backstabbing ladder
    of chaos to the top. Never in my life have I seen young people be treated
    like worthless pieces of shit in an office, crushed, overworked and
    exploited for peanuts. If your a poor mac monkey with a 2bit firm that
    wants you to handle the clients why doing the work, god be with you. You
    are really going to learn the disgusting nature of humanity. Don’t get me
    wrong, some clients are nice people and what they want is straight forward,
    you produce the work get paid and everyones happy. But on the other side
    you have to deal with these selfish arrogant delusional pieces of shit,
    that no matter what you seem to do it never looks right. these fuckers will
    squeeze any joy from your work and have you chasing your tail all week. And
    once you have done the absolute best for them.either they change their mind
    about something for the 30239th time and you have to change it agian and
    agian , or they’ll go to another firm and slag you off to them. Its enough
    to get you hunting them down and beating them to death in the street with
    your keyboard. thats just client side. Firms, fuck me! where do i start.
    today the competition is so high along with hordes of cheap office labor.
    they want you to be everything and do everything so they can save money.
    they will eat you alive, burn you out then replace you with some other poor
    mofo. they want you to be a graphic designer, a web designer, a programer,
    an animator, 3d artist, media editor, the butcher, the baker, the candle
    stick maker all rolled into one. They’ll have you dancing on the office
    floor like a cat on a hot tin roof. And that just the tip of the iceberg.
    If I had to go through everything this comment box would turn into a book.
    best of luck. ?

  3. K Edmodson says:

    I’ve worked in the industry almost 20 years, I pay a mortgage and support a
    family with 2 daughters. I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I had
    listened to others that earn money trying to tell me to work for free. I’ve
    never once been talked into producing work for free. Graphic designers
    shouldn’t need to, without us their business suffers. How many times I’ve
    heard “do a week in the studio without pay” or “tender for this, and then
    if we like it, then we will pay”. No way, you’ve earned your degree through
    3 years of hard work. Sort out your portfolio and get earning.?

  4. BASSAROVER says:

    Graphic designer who can code in HTML? Basically the only way your going to
    get a job is if you are a coder which is NOT related to graphics or design.
    Coding is computer science and math, uses a very different side of the
    brain then the creative arts. Weird. ?

  5. zimonslot says:

    learn webdesign: job security! Code all day… fuck that, i’d study
    webdesign if I wanted to do that.?

  6. LosEagle says:

    The comment section is full of people who have no idea what design is. Just
    scroll top.?

  7. connyc23 says:

    great talk. thanks for sharing.?

  8. Angel Perez says:

    Don’t u learn graphic design on your own instead of a teacher??

  9. james mosier says:

    I like how this girls attempts to be a comedian and crowd pleaser fails so
    horribly at the beginning, the audience isn’t there to hear jokes they are
    serious professionals. ?

  10. Rockit says:

    LOL I think those students were losing interest, because they already heard
    this in other lectures “a million times..”?

  11. MuristekTV says:

    She forgot to say that schools are in it to make money as well. They don’t
    care about students. They don’t tell students it’s going to be 10 years of
    low paying, hard work before paying off the student loans.?

  12. foday S says:

    Tough crowd.?

  13. Kerwin Fernandes says:

    Thanks & GOD BLESS!! :)?

  14. drakeybabe says:

    This video has some good information, but that is only because it is a
    lecture from a university! so by posting this on the internet for everyone
    to see for free is stupid! You’re giving away the valuable information
    you’re paying a lot of money for! Effectively making your competition a lot
    harder. BAD CHOICE.?

  15. ronnie Lopez says:

    I’m glad I watched the WHOLE entire lecture, it was very interesting and
    gave ME a perspective on this industry I know I want to get into art but
    still am not sure what form ?

  16. david d says:

    Graphic Design Lecture?

  17. Honhoa Ong says:

    Basically you are a dime a dozen, first to get fired and last to get hired.
    Anymore questions??

  18. MasonGaming1337 says:

    love this woman?

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