Blur a Face using Premiere Pro CS6

This tutorial shows you step by step on how to Blur a Face in Adobe Premiere CS6. It’d be awesome if you Rated this! Follow on Twitter:…
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23 Responses to “Blur a Face using Premiere Pro CS6”

  1. AlwaysImBored says:

    Glad you guys enjoyed this video!?

  2. Vy says:

    Great Tutorial! I appreciate all the shortcut key commands and straight to
    the point steps!?

  3. alon lubenfeld says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks!?

  4. Jose Reyes says:

    Thank you sir, very informative! ?

  5. Bilal Ghazleh says:

    Great video. Very helpful.?

  6. ThinkerThunker says:

    Great, thanks.?

  7. YeetFC says:

    Thank you! I wish more tutorials were so straight forward lol. Keep up the
    good work.?

  8. KansaiJesse says:

    awesome tutorial?

  9. ellencastleberry says:

    In Premiere CC 2014 you only have to duplicate the layer, add a blur and
    can create a mask (the shape of the blur) from directly from in the
    controls for the blur. You can do mulitple blurs on the same clip this way
    AND there is an awesome motion tracking feature! It’s the little play

  10. bkeati7 says:

    Great little video straight to the point. You could have explained the
    reason for duplicating vid1 and blurring it but when time is of the essence
    may be not possible, never the less a learning great clip.?

  11. Jake Gidell says:

    Good shit man, quick and precise!?

  12. OutLan says:

    Perfect! Great job finally making this easy for me!!?

  13. Florentibuss says:

    This video doesn’t deserve the dislike ):?

  14. Tanesa Kassa says:

    This video helped me out a lot!!! Thank you!?

  15. materijal men says:

    It is a great tutorial. Can you make a new tutorial with inverse bluring? I
    mean, I want the person in clear shot and blur only the background, I was
    trying it for several hours but I had no luck – of course I am a newbie in
    CS6…I would appreciate Your help…?

  16. Magic Storm says:

    thanks bro?

  17. Xaldre says:

    Thx, it helped me a lot with some sensitive info on a clip :D?

  18. SoySauceFTW says:

    Hey there! Great video, taught me a lot. I came across this video looking
    to learn how to edit a photo on top of someone’s face in the video (to make
    it seem like they have another person’s face , for comedy), and this has
    given me a solid idea for how to do it. If you understand what I’m talking
    about, can you let me know if the process is similar? Seems like just
    insert the photo and have it track over their face like you did in the
    first example. ?

  19. EDMTML CEO says:

    thank you so much!! subbed!!?

  20. TheSneezingMonkey says:

    Great video! Just helped me!?

  21. Alan Hunt says:

    Is there any way to feather the edges of the mask? Thanks?

  22. Anthony Intelisano says:

    shift and the right arrow, or just the right arrow, doesn’t move the frame
    it moves the blur. I found control and right arrow move the frames, but
    only 1 frame at a time. how can I skip more. This is taking forever. Im
    using windows. So it should of been the same as yours.?

  23. Juliana Mil says:

    Thank youuu!!!! ?

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