BLU in Berlin – November 2008

DVD available at: a big wall painted by Blu in Berlin November 2008 see the final work here: http://blubl…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Art Department ‘Natural Selection’ is out Nov 18 on No.19 Music Listen to it here: More on Art Department here: …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Barb Nerdy says:

    they are just about to paint it over. Its history now… what a sad thing

  2. Norminatus says:


  3. Channel4Beats says:


  4. Max Wohlers says:

    Fellow citizens,
    If nobody intervenes, some investor has soon the right to build luxury
    apartments on the empty property, resulting in the disappearance of this
    wonderful art. If you are against this idea, or at least think this
    monument should be saved in whatever way, feel free to sign the petition on Cheers.

  5. PlanetBerlin1991 says:

    GREAT! Thank you for this and cheers from Berlin! This is in my hood…?

  6. jimena mijangos says:

    This is so cool

  7. jimena mijangos says:

    What is the song name?

  8. roberto polverari says:
  9. kevin della chiara says:

    mamma mia?

  10. jimena mijangos says:

    That means that we are prisinors of time?

  11. quasimoto6 says:

    wäre nicht nötig gewesen das piece von just zu überstreichen… arschloch?

  12. Rex Monkey says:

    #streetart by #BLU
    in #Berlin #Kreuzberg ?

  13. Arte Local - Street Art says:

    #streetart by #BLU
    in #Berlin #Kreuzberg ?

  14. Senén Campos Maceiras says:

    Pintando paredes noche y día…

    BLU in Berlin – November 2008?

  15. Masae Wolters says:
  16. onthinice766 says:

    jesus christ. thats love

  17. bigbezet says:

    The song is from a 50 Weapons release, namely #002, which can be also found
    here: v=N8ljEAYghKM

  18. haraldsten says:

    @tgcf4 If I know Berlin right there is a possibility of speed playing a
    fare share of the patience role.

  19. AwesomeNaruto21 says:

    that bitch in my home town in my contry wat the fuck guy

  20. habitat188 says:

    this is Inhuman….. INSANE

  21. makredo98711 says:

    Where is it in berlin?

  22. LuDoO81 says:

    è un grande!

  23. DJRDTKK says:

    @bOnGkIcKeR u got no idea of art friend

  24. Mixmag says:

    Get these tracks on Get 10% off your order! Use
    this code: MXMGBPT A gift from Mixmag & Beatport. Valid until the end of
    November. ?

  25. Mixmag says:

    Art Department ‘Natural Selection’ is out Nov 18 on No.19 Music
    Listen and watch the trippy video here: Art Department : Natural Selection
    : 11/18/2014?

  26. Mixmag says:

    Like this? We think you’ll probably like this… Visionquest exclusive deep
    house techno set in Mixmag’s DJ Lab?

  27. speedy21470 says:

    Props to Kenny G for reppin’ the T Dot!!!! old school dj in the game since
    the early 90’s. You kids out there missed a truly special time in house
    music history… To elbowz… if you really only dig techhouse, why bother
    going out at all? seems you can only satisfy yourself. hope that doesn’t
    spread to other areas of your life. the heart, btw, is subtle. it won’t
    smack you upside the head like some of that new ish. Peace.?

  28. eCaSaNRafael1 says:

    track 36:40? INCREIBLE?

  29. Mi sael says:

    really? no rekordbox sync? Fuck off i play better than you fuckers, bring
    it on cheesy wanna bees?

  30. yorty007 says:

    i really enjoyed this set guys. thanks for sharing?

  31. nineisperfect says:

    this set is sooooooooo badass!?

  32. Lorenzo Massaro says:

    Omar-S – A Victim 10:45?

  33. Yanitsa Tsankova says:

    You guys always deliver!!!! respect?

  34. Anthony Lal says:

    Felt like i was running away from spiders?

  35. Pavel Titenkov says:

    Enjoy! 🙂
    [00] Black Dynamite – Wayback
    [05] Iron Curtis – Horses (Move D Remix) [Mirau Musik – MIRAU 017]
    [09] Omar S – A Victim
    [13] Markus Fix – Back On Earth [Deep Vibes – DVR 022]
    [16] Vladislav Delay As Sistol – Keno (Mike Huckaby S Y N T H Remix) [Halo
    Cyan (PHC02) – STANDARD]
    [21] Jamie Anderson Feat. Mr. K Alexi – Cyclone (Fish Go Deep Dub Remix)
    [Mija – 009]
    [24] ?

    [30] DJ Pierre – I’ve Lost Control (Glen Undergrounds Old School Rerub)
    [Gigolo – 232D]
    [34] ?

    [40] Mr. G – Conscious Mindfood [Phoenix G – PG 045LTD]
    [45] Aphrodisiac – Song Of The Siren [Cr2 – ITC2MAMX 003]
    [46] ??

  36. Imix Muan says:

    Art Department for President in 2016!!!! Oh, wait they’re Canucks….?

  37. Frederick Brinneman says:

    They play OK?

  38. Daniel Méndez says:

    EAAAA!!! I LOVE IT !!!?

  39. Elbowz says:

    It is interesting how world proves itself to be one constant, an constant
    of changing:
    back in the day a professional dj used to be one individual who he/she
    would part himself/herself from the bunch, rather natural gift,
    skill-something, based on sooooo many “performances” i’ve been seeing from
    Professional DJ’s i think the constant change has hit its peak where;
    professional dj simply means now days, that’s how you work and pay bills,
    not necessarily defines the skill by any means.

    sorry Mixmag to be that one dude speaking not so great of it, me i dont
    live out of mixing and i can from my bedroom play at much more engaging
    connecting Deep Tech set. I just don’t see any heart on this video. (my
    mixcloud is linked to my G+ account if curious of my claim)

    No journey , no story told, all i see 2 men touching machines.?

  40. Leandro Terrile says:

    last track?? please!!!?

  41. Ivan Porcari says:

    TRACK ID – 41:00 ??

  42. Roland Sanchez says:

    track at 41:00??

  43. Aaron Cormier says:

    oh man these guys never fail?

  44. felps ayres rodrigues says:

    haha tacale pau?

  45. Christopher Campbell says:

    These guys remind me a lot like Ron Trent & Chez Damiers Prescription
    sound. Very deep and a sound not for everyone. They can experiment and go
    off track!! Metro Area, Francois K, Motor City Drum Ensamble…On Journey!!?

  46. Brayam Palacios says:

    track id min 12:00 ??

  47. PowTron says:

    Still so good…?

  48. thisisahouserecord says:

    What a Journey! ?

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