Blind Love ( Romantic Short Film )

Full Version of the romantic love story called ” Blind Love” Enjoy And Comment 🙂 Ps: Sorry about the sound a bit low 🙂
Video Rating: 3 / 5

The Social Disability and Educational Based Short Film.

37 Responses to “Blind Love ( Romantic Short Film )”

  1. screamo dust says:

    WAY to predictable, the out was obvious the second the main male role as

  2. Sameer Ahmed says:

    Pretty mediocre, music is pathetic and the storyline is just bleh..?

  3. Vin Vass says:

    Would love to see Linda Conradi do a full on sexy. Scene. Sharon Stone in
    Basic Instinct. ?

  4. Christel Ross Dela Peña says:

    🙁 whats next??? ?

  5. Baljodh Dhanesar says:

    nice! i would love to have a part 2..;)?

  6. Michael Shin Das says:

    Blind Love – Antonio Piras?

  7. Amber Mejil says:

    The guy that took her cup to drink has the same rings in his hands as the
    guy typing^//^?

  8. JustStargirl says:
  9. snowpatrol47 says:
  10. AnanSmile says:
  11. MOMO-Chan says:
  12. anty12332 says:
  13. Mrscirclecats says:
  14. pheonixcurls says:
  15. curryfree says:
  16. elay supreme says:
  17. musiclovergirlClaire says:
  18. Bella Frost says:
  19. Lenin Elijah says:

    nice movie. May GOd bless you work. do more movies to uplift the status of
    the society. Lenin, warriors of Jesus?

  20. MA hacker says:

    I feel Taare Zameen Par Movie in this film
    20% is here , but good Story nd cinemotography 🙂 ,I wud suggest this to
    all teachers too :)?

  21. Bala Chander says:

    ???? ?????? ????? ????? ??????? ????? ??????? ????? ???? ?????????

  22. Pavithran gabriel micheal says:

    Hello peps
    we having a idea …doing some films ..either it will future or short
    film…if your interested in any of the following category means kindly
    join our group in facebook .. both male and female talents are welcomed ..
    thank you!!!
    1)assist direction
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  23. Bala Buzz says:

    Hope you are not able to show things in reality 🙁 , the scope of the film
    is good but the way its taken is not ?

  24. Beulah Jasmine says:

    well said……….
    Each creature hav som talentz….?

  25. Imam jaffar ali says:

    thanks to all views thank u so much i need ur all support for me…..?

  26. John Amulraj says:

    Everyone have Unique Talent . . . . ?

  27. Velmurugan s says:

    Every teacher should watch the movie?

  28. aparna.g aparu says:

    really awesome .it gives a message for the viewers who see this .?

  29. DeepanTheo says:

    I hope someone comes & makes this short-film concept into a full-fledged
    feature film adding much entertainment values with social message. So it
    can reach everyone. Anyways, hats-off to the team for making this brilliant

  30. arun kumar kumar says:

    very nice it shold be shown to many parents and the teachers then they will
    come to know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  31. prasanth gprasanth says:

    valthukkal sir, i whant more sir ?

  32. Mithesh S says:

    Hats off to the team!!!.. Such a brilliant message..Hope this good message
    reaches out to lot of parents and teachers.. Keep up the good work.?

  33. Moorthi Karthi says:

    Super sir…. & thanks?

  34. Roshni kannan says:

    hey this is a nice one

  35. Sijo Kuriakose says:

    Good job team ?

  36. Jugal Kishor says:

    A Short film by supported by +Trust For Youth And Child Leadership.?

  37. Aneefa Jasmin says:

    Check out this video on YouTube :

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