Blak Heart Short Film | A national Award Winning Short Film

Blak Heart Short Film | A national Award Winning Short Film

Shiju Sakkariya entertainments in association with Freestylers Movie House presents… Black Heart is based on a true story it’s about the love that breaks h…

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

30 Responses to “Blak Heart Short Film | A national Award Winning Short Film”

  1. Blesson Raj Skaria says:

    You’ve just earned my like bro! keep it up 🙂 :)?

  2. Jeffy C says:

    ethilu evidyoo njan enne kanunnu :(?

  3. Faisal Janet says:

    It really hurt ……… huh bcoz its a true story think about the boy
    situation now where is that guy what happend to him now?

  4. alexjoy luke says:

    Well said true story. …
    Awesome bgm?

  5. sinto chungath says:

    oru film kanda pole…good?

  6. Jobin Jobi says:

    god one………………………………..

    i like it :)?

  7. Renjith Chandran says:

    Superb.. yaar.. u have nice future.. in cinima.. never give up..?

  8. Sooraj Kumar says:

    anyone can help me to find out sameer sir contact no???
    plz plz friends its very urgent…?

  9. Muthu S says:

    Awesome bro….really a heart touching story…I pity the real person in
    tat situation….good wrk by entire team….keep it up?

  10. nitin pillai says:

    good to see such real short films..expecting more such reality based ones..?

  11. Jiju Murugan says:

    nice film sameer..good work.. you know how to tell a story…really
    touching situation…. climax is superb… CInemattography top
    class……all the best… (Y)…(Y) ?

  12. Shareef Muhammed says:


  13. ANSHAD Anshad says:

    really heart thuching storry … good luck sameer …..?

  14. needev alexander says:

    nice……. hats off to whole team….
    best short film ever seen….. 🙂
    Sameer chetha you rockzz, nice acting…. best of luck for your next

  15. Sreeram Ullas says:

    am nt just liking
    because i feel it as a life as on who is
    congratz u
    for making a this short film heartouching?

  16. subin g kumar says:

    Superb.. yaar.. u have nice future.. in cinima.. never give up..?

  17. Sri Raj R says:

    sameer, it ws
    gd actng?

  18. Wong Fu Productions says:

    On this day, “Strangers, again” is 3 years old. It’s incredible to see how
    viewers are still responding to it, and how it’s affected peoples’ lives
    over this time. Watching it now, compared to back then, many of you have a
    new understanding of the same video. Our work evolves as you do, and that’s
    really amazing to us.?

  19. killjoyshidae1208 says:

    It’s been a month since since I broke up with my first girlfriend. What
    sucks is that while I kept on falling for her, she came to the realization
    that she didn’t feel the same way towards me. We’re still friends, and I’m
    really glad we are. However, ever since she broke up with me, I always feel
    this emptiness that I want to fulfill. I still really like her a lot, but
    time will tell what will happen. I’m only 17, so it’s not the end of the

  20. Vox3VCV says:

    Is it bad that I cried??

  21. Bobathon S. Cyrus says:

    they could have made the fight a little more realistic. if you’re in a
    relationship for that long, and the fight in the beginning is that casual?
    dang, if those two were dating in real life, they would’ve been solid. ?

  22. bugy bug says:

    does anyone know the song from 14:40…. thanks so much !?

  23. CandyFreakz000 says:

    As much as i hate to say it but me and my boyfriend are at stage 5 after a
    year of being with each other. I know we won’t be together. He’s not there
    for me, his effort is half assed, and he takes me for granted. He teases me
    because he knows i won’t leave him and that i feel nothing without him. One
    little thing i do wrong and he makes me feel like i’m the most evil person
    there is. I showed him this video as a warning and he changes…for a week.
    Then it was back to being half assed and teasing me. He gives me so much
    pain and i’m stuck till he gets tired of me. The only difference between my
    boyfriend and i and this video is that when we argue, he suddenly becomes
    mute, and he tells me he does that so i can tire myself out as if i’m a
    little child. It’s not fair, i hate this?

  24. Sheena Cheever says:

    What is that song at the end with the lyrics “Time to let go of you”
    Great short film btw :)?

  25. TheRPChannel says:

    I’m already at Stage 6 with my Girlfriend.. We used to make time for each
    other all the time, until we got into a huge fight. We made up but it’s
    been really dull lately. She doesn’t have anytime for me anymore because
    she says she’s “busy” all the time ever since we fought. We’re still
    dating, I just don’t know if I have time left. I’m doing everything to make
    it work, but she doesn’t notice it. I kept my feelings bottled up inside me
    and it kills. I always make it seem like it doesn’t hurt me but it does.
    It’s confusing I don’t want to break up with her. Every time I tell her my
    problem with her she cares but then says “I can’t do anything about it, I
    have no time”. We still talk. but very minimal. I just want to try again..
    I don’t know what to do..):?

  26. MSN740 says:

    Pretty much the biggest thing is to NEVER take someone you care about for
    granted. No one is an exception to that?

  27. Matthew Pardew says:

    I used to follow wongfu, they were always on a complete other level than
    anyone out there.. Then somehow, I let life take over and I all but forgot
    about their work..

    I look at this video now and I once again feel the same way I felt then..

    This is undoubtedly the best content anyone will ever find on youtube when
    it comes to portraying real life scenarios and emotions into film.

    It’s so powerful, I don’t think they themselves know how good their work
    is… The profound impact these videos can make on someone’s life is

    I’m gonna have to make time to watch all their unbelievably good videos
    again. ?

  28. Yannick Morsen says:

    The only love story that actually got me close to crying. My…GOD…….?

  29. Kyu Ou says:

    My boyfriend and I (who have been dating for a year and a month) are near
    the end of stage 4…?

  30. racamonisalad says:

    It’s hard to comment on this video when you had never experience it. But
    this video obviously shows that both are waiting and expected each other to
    do something but in the end they couldn’t even accept the actions of what
    they are trying to do to mend their relationship.?

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