Bitcoin For Beginners – Learn How To Mine Bitcoin ! – Part 1

What is Bitcoin? and How do you mine it? Well, this video will go over Bitcoin mining and show you how to set up Bitcoin Mining Software on your computer. Bi…
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16 Responses to “Bitcoin For Beginners – Learn How To Mine Bitcoin ! – Part 1”

  1. Pickle Ticklerâ„¢ says:

    my gaming rig should do well

    CPU: AMD FX Six-Core 6300
    GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 760
    Ram: 1x 8gb kingston ram
    PSU: 750W gold certified evo_blue 2.0. can be boosted to 850W
    motherboard: just a micro atx asus motherboard.
    hope i can make a little bit of money. i am only 14 and hopefully can do
    this to further upgrade my rig?

  2. Darude - Sandstorm says:

    Obviously bit coin will die because of inflation. Of course it will you all
    are morons?

  3. Jesse Borich says:

    Think about how fast chip technology is evolving, I envision computer
    packages being designed around exactly this kind of application the same
    way you can currently shop for a “laptop for gaming” or whatever specific
    application your machine will be tasked with… Thoughts??

  4. Jaxtapose says:

    lol makin 67 cent a month, livin the high life!?

  5. MikeyBoi323 says:

    Im so fucking confused, how do I sync my network and are there any other
    miner apps I can use for mac? And how do I register a worker if im using
    astroid like this is so confusing I need a more detailed explanation?

  6. Darkoverwater Gaming says:

    Whats is bitcoin and whats the point of it. I dont get it. =|?

  7. snug698 says:

    When i try to make a new opencl miner it says no OpenCL Devices. HELP?

  8. gigicaly says:

    Bitcoin is a scam.
    They advert how nice it is to do it and how you can get bitcoins for free
    by “mining”… than they tell you that you need to buy specialized
    equipment for it. Equipment that in order to make anything useful with it
    gets to be very expensive.

    Also doing anything with bitcoins once you have them is a pain in the ass.
    Buying stuff with it on a real world store is horrible. Trying to get cash
    out of a Bitcoin ATM is worse than death. And finally the bitcoin online
    market is horrible. Basically only way to win with this is to either spend
    thousands of dollars for “mining” equipment and start “mining” bitcoins on
    0.00001% at a time, or be the guys that sell it to losers who spend w/e
    extra money they have on those things.

    Its a scam but its designed to run for a long time so it will not just
    blow over and there’s always going to be stories about people that got rich
    doing it, but in reality those are the only stories and they are used to
    generate other fake stories which in turn get to become the propaganda
    machine that the bitches that made ups this scam are counting on. Last but
    not least there is a huge transaction, or transfer, % tax every time and
    the bitcoin value for any real currency fluctuates in a very weird way.
    Basically in 2 days it went up 7 dollars than dropped 40 the next… They
    say its better than cash but its not, they say its better than online
    credit card transactions but its not, they say you skip the middle man
    using bitcoin and you do but only to exchange it for the dudes hosting
    these things so there’s still a middle man, and always will be one.

    P.S.: In order to get any cash out of a Bitcon ATM (basically turn a
    bitcoin into actuall cash) you need to also pay a miners fee, except the
    other taxes. That is optional but if you do not pay it your transfer will
    be considered unsecured and you may loose the money in a way no one can
    explain how lol…?

  9. Ian Bicknell says:

    what can i buy with bit coins??

  10. Nubyrc says:


    I mean why wont they tell you what they are really doing with your
    computers resources? And why not just pay you in real money I mean all a
    Bitcoin really is, is a poker chip!

    You have no idea who is in your computer and doing what,

    Honestly “mining” figuring out complex problems (BULLSHIT WTF) buzz words
    and the promise of money to hustle you!

    Could be the NSA using your computer to help spy!?

  11. IAmIntelligence says:

    What can you buy with 0.03372 BTC (Bitcoins) ?
    Is it cheaper to purchase something this way??

  12. vid tut says:

    plzz guys/girls i need bit coins so i can get a laptop for my friend he was
    robbed 1CXESsqQCeq2PqeZBbtuayxebxryspPQLT plzz be nice and send me some at
    least one i have none right now =( ?

  13. mikkojsipola says:

    Umm, the doesn’t let me pass the Captcha…?

  14. SPRPhilly says:

    Wallet is 3 years out of sync. Is this normal for first time set up??

  15. Iturrey says:

    For those wondering about Bit coin, what it is, how it works etc.
    this guys explanation and tutorial is the best one I’ve found so far, he
    explains everything in a manner simple to understand,
    Anyone with more experience on the subject please chime in and share your
    opinion of the video
    thanks MrJayBusch (the one who made the video)

    Bitcoin For Beginners – Learn How To Mine Bitcoin ! – Part 1?


    so much bullshit for a few dollars a month… you guys must be really
    desperate if you use this shit to “make money”?

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