Bikini Babe Painter X painting tutorial with audio instructions Part 1/15

For more free lessons check out my website. Pass it around. Thanks This is a how to paint series using Painter X, but you can also use…
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How To Upgrade Your PS3 Hard Drive  With Backup And Restore, Step By Step Instructions - Part 1 of 3

Full Guide is here:…

27 Responses to “Bikini Babe Painter X painting tutorial with audio instructions Part 1/15”

  1. Damien peillon says:

    where are the brushes ?

  2. wiseimmorto says:

    thanks SOOO much for the brushes

  3. Supremehydra says:

    lol. i thought that there was a program called “Bikini pinter X”

  4. Valery Bowden says:

    wow you’re really patient this is the third time you do a 15 parts series
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i salute you

  5. pascal andrea says:

    I removed my upgrade hrddisk from my ps3 and when I returned in back my
    games were lost…can you help??

  6. Tyeon Bethany says:

    I have a 1.5TB HDD on my PS3 and it works just fine. About to put a 2TB
    in, because a storm came through and now is making HDD act funny.?

  7. Craziiart says:

    My hdd formatted itself lost all my saved data?

  8. Michael Brook says:

    My drive is exFAT is that ok? Also if i am using the external hard drive
    for other data is there any chance when that when i perform this backup the
    data on the hard drive from my computer could be erased??

  9. Askia Lee says:

    Will this also save my second profile.?

  10. SrTochi says:

    If I have two account do I have to do this twice or does it restore the
    whole system into one account??? PLEASE ANSWER?

  11. Wiliam Jones says:

    Hi, id be really grateful if anyone could answer this question. I got the
    YLOD on my fat PS3 and my hard drive isn’t backed up but i want to buy a
    new ps3 so i can continue playing all of my games. Is it possible to backup
    my game data from the my hard drive using an external hard drive reader, as
    i can’t use my ps3???

  12. SrTochi says:

    Will this method backup all the system at it is or do I have to do it for
    both users? I would be happy for a response, thanks!?

  13. chris Simper says:

    Does this give you more storage space on ps3?

  14. Joshua Malashock says:

    I am trying to back up the hard drive right now, but I keep on getting an
    error code called 80010038. Any suggestions on how to fix that??

  15. jorge gonzalez says:

    hi i’m trying to do a back up from ps3 slim to my external hard drive but
    is stuck at 0% after 1 hour still the same any idea why??

  16. Ivan Funjai says:

    Just one question, do I have to use formated HDD to backup data from ps3?
    I have external drive (500gb, 150gb free), my PS internal disk is 60gb, so
    can I backup data without formating external drive?


  17. maxB611 says:

    I have a 1TB MyPassport HD which I’ve formatted to FAT-32. My PS3 doesn’t
    seem to recognize it. Most guides I’ve read online haven’t really shed
    light on why this may be. Has anyone ran into similar issues? I had to buy
    a new cord because the HD wasn’t getting enough power but now it is (the
    light on it stays lit), so I’m not sure what else the issue might be.?

  18. Zylice Liddell says:

    How do you buy External HDDs already formatted to FAT32? Most purchased
    HDDs are formatted to NTFS. If you format them to FAT32, you can only have
    30GBs max. I need more GBs than that to backup my PS3.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated! *^_^*?

  19. Bournefort says:

    Is it possible to back up 80 GB worth of data onto a 64 GB flash drive over
    multiple backups? Or does the entire backup need to be on one external
    drive? I’m guessing all one drive??

  20. Junior Ortiz says:

    can you do this also with a jailbroken ps3? ?

  21. Tom Paris says:

    How did your system backup only take a few minutes when mine says 8+

  22. Leonardo Marquez says:

    What do you do if your USB ports on your ps3 are broken? :/?

  23. Bigge1724 says:

    i recommend you remove the mandatory game installs and leave the
    downloadable content.

  24. 247nevermind says:

    convert my external harddrive to fat32 , my ps3 can not see it 🙁

  25. kenneth jones says:

    can i use a toshiba 1tb hard drive to back up my ps3 slim

  26. DionLaurent1 says:

    Thanks Alot! That really Helped!

  27. Maen Khatib says:

    Can i upgrade without backing up ???

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