Beyond the Creative 4—Washington DC 2015

Beyond the Creative 4—Washington DC 2015
Event on 2015-03-19 08:00:00

Across the two days we’ll feature a mix of presentation sessions and roundtable discussions. Six podium-style presentations will address common aspects of creative leaders’ roles. In these sessions, industry veterans—Rena DeLevie, Andy Epstein, Amanda Froelich, Dan Mucha, Jackie Schaffer and Molly Ungs—will guide you through:

  • Building a Comprehensive Metrics Strategy 

  • Analyzing Processes for Improvement Opportunities 

  • Leading Change Through Change 

  • Print &: The Future of Print in the Digital Age 

  • In-House Creative Industry Insights & Trends

  • The Evolution of Saint-Gobain's Creative Team

at Waterview Conference Center
1919 North Lynn Street
Arlington, United States

FM Washington

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