Beverage Giants Follow Suit Prices Rose An Average Of 5% – Drink Prices, The Farmer Spring,

Wine prices just been paragraphs, the beverage industry has begun a new round of price increases. Coca-Cola Company has announced full range of products ex-factory price of Hangzhou will be fully up 5% Nongfushangquan Also announced that its family of beverages will rise by about 5% ex-factory price, expert analysis of this indicates that the beverage industry is likely to usher in a larger price adjustment. Yesterday’s visit to Chengdu, supermarkets found that Chengdu Beverage market Yet prices.

Beverage giants 5% price increase Nongfushangquan company recently said that starting from 28th of this month, the farmer natural spring water, Nongfuguoyuan and screaming family drinks the average ex-factory prices will rise about 5%. Prior to this, Coca-Cola announced that starting from early next month, Hangzhou full line of products the company will be fully ex-factory prices up, including Carbonated beverages , Fruit juice, tea drinks, mineral water and milk drinks, the average increase of about 5%.

25 to Chengdu’s major supermarkets to investigate, found the farmer’s spring and drink Coca-Cola subsidiary variety of prices are not. A large supermarket chains Sell Department official told reporters, has not received notice of the two beverage giants prices. The official said the farmer bottle of mineral water springs rose to 1.26 yuan from 1.2 yuan, or 5% of consumers will not react much.

Prices in this round of drinks before Spirit Industry Maotai and Wuliangye (000,858, stock it) has been first up step, Yanjing Beer (000,729, stock it) is also the first to call up the beer industry, main product ex-factory price 10 refreshing type of beer has risen by 10%. It is noteworthy that all Alcohol The current round of price increases and beverage companies are spending in time for the season ahead of Chinese New Year.

Rising raw material prices up reminders Drinks What is the reason
drink prices in one after another? Nongfushangquan said the price hike of raw materials prices is the main reason. Beginning of 2009, rising raw material prices, the farmer has been through the management of the spring means to internalize the pressure. But with raw materials prices continue to rise, companies can no longer within the organization. Nongfushangquan relevant responsible person said, according to estimates, oil prices, rising coal prices have led to increased transport costs Nongfushangquan nearly 40%. Industry experts believe that prices of food and beverage industry does not rule out there with the holiday group, weather and other short-term factors. Recently, some public goods including water, electricity, gas price adjustment, extreme cold weather has also led to vegetables, fruits, rose significantly.

Drink prices will not lead to inflation
Following Wuliangye, Maotai, the Coca-Cola, Nongfushangquan also have prices, this series of moves have caused great concern in the market: wine, beverage industry, price increase will be spread to other areas?

National Information Center Director, Department of Macroeconomic Research, said Niu Li, because in the past year, compared the national implementation of the loose monetary policy, people have strong expectations for inflation, but there is still a serious oversupply in China, so do not appears widespread price increases and a vicious inflation. “This case is facing a lot of overcapacity, oversupply, the price is generally very difficult to rise up.’s Recent rise is part of a public goods including water, electric power price adjustment, including extreme cold weather led to fruits and vegetables rose significantly. But Generally speaking, grain harvest of food for many years, including the stock is very ample, it should be said without incurring serious or malignant rising inflation. “said Niu.

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