Best Assistant for Graphic & Picture Design | MAC & Windows Designer will put at your disposal many tools to make your work easy. Do you feel frustrated, annoyed…
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3 Responses to “Best Assistant for Graphic & Picture Design | MAC & Windows”

  1. Aurora3D Software says:

    Sorry, can’t import a movie or a video and convert it to GIF. But you can
    import pictures sequence and convert to GIF. You can set the loop time or
    make it always loop.

  2. NitroCharged says:

    I find it almost impossible to hear or understand his accent. :-(( No
    offence, but the narrator is a really bad choice for representing this

  3. instantBUZZmobile says:

    can someone tell me what the hell this guy is saying over the video and
    music? The music is drowning out the voice over and it sounds like it is in
    some language other than english.

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