Become a Collector of Gold Emerald Jewelry

Become a Collector of Gold Emerald Jewelry

Cleopatra is among the avid fans of emeralds. These precious stones have received equal praises from both men and women in the past. A genuine emerald is really a breathtaking beauty especially if set in gold and is also considered one of the greatest gemstones aside from diamond, sapphire and ruby. Traditionally, we use emeralds to celebrate the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. And it is not only the ring that is liked by people but the entire collection of emerald jewelry as well. It is not only in one part of the world that these emeralds are famous but all over the world as well.

Brazil and Colombia have the most production of emerald along with other South American countries. The entire Africa, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe are also where numerous emeralds are mined. Columbian emerald is the most popular of these types. This gem comes in a variety of colors like blue green, yellow green and a whole lot of different shades in green. From all these colors, grass green is the most preferred. Moreover, when we talk of monetary value, this is directly proportional to the greatness of the color. Size can also alter its worth. However, flaws are really unavoidable in almost all emeralds and they are also very fragile as well. That is why proper care is needed when handling this stone.

There are a lot of imitation emeralds in the market like the YAG and spinal triplets. The stone underwent several processes. And there are several ways in order to know which one is genuine. Emeralds can be used in earrings, rings, necklace, bracelets and pendants. Gold emerald jewelry is very bright and would compliment the way you look. Accent stones are also added to emerald jewelry like diamonds, ruby and sapphire. But if you are kind of short in cash then go for the other combinations such as amethyst, citrines and garnets.

Gold emerald jewelry would suit you in almost any occasion. Furthermore, there are correct ways of cleaning them and an ultrasonic cleaner should never be used. Since emeralds have internal flaws the method in which you clean them could actually destroy it. Do not also use soapy water as the soap contains harsh chemicals that might harm the stones. And also, make sure that you have a certificate when you purchase gold emerald jewelry to make sure that they are genuine.

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