Because Of You (short film on bullying)

Everyone makes a difference. Directed by Josh Jackson Story by Brian Tang and Josh Jackson Produced by Linda Jackson Featuring Christopher Yin Anthony Chin K…

15 Responses to “Because Of You (short film on bullying)”

  1. Moon Kute says:

    I used to be in the same case so I could understand how terrible it felt .
    It’s a nightmare… But in fact , those people who bullying another one
    usually don’t get succeed in their lifes . But if they changed and became a
    good person , maybe things will change, but revenge will come after 10
    years or even 20 years for what they have done , it will come back to them

  2. toots4jesus says:

    very powerful Josh wonderful work! I will subscribe and look forward to
    checking out more of your works.?

  3. katrin todd says:

    I’ve been depressed and bullied for a while now but i don’t have anyone to
    talk to and i just feel lonely :'(?

  4. WolfyTamer66 says:

    I don’t understand this video!!! Please someone tell me what happened!?

  5. Alice Patten says:

    i made me jump when he shot the gun?

  6. Magno Mine says:

    That makes no sense first everyone running away from him because of his gun
    then everyone want to be his friends and girls want to date him?

  7. Ciara-Ann Costello says:


  8. Michael Kwok says:


  9. kittycatpony01692 says:

    aw, the thing is that things like this happen all of the time… in glad
    their was a happy ending too :)?

  10. Anime Pasta6288 says:

    im 11 and im bullied no matter what i do or say they just keep calling me a
    loner who has no friends and that im gay (which im not)?

  11. 9natasha4 says:

    I know what it felt like to be bullied with no one to look up to…It was a
    lonely, melancholic nightmare; it was bad to the point where I drew blood
    and became partially suicidal (what kept me going was the thought of my
    family)…and I had to endure the relentless harassment when I was 8 years
    old…But now, I’m strong enough to stand up for myself, I’ve made
    wonderful friends, and I’m the voice for those who can’t speak up for
    themselves…because I don’t want them to go through the same pain that I

  12. Bella Mckeever says:

    I my volume on high and when the gunshot went off I jumped.?

  13. Melanie Kitten says:

    That shot gun though. Scared the crap outta me,?

  14. Hoshi-0461 says:

    Let’s face it, bullying is not going anywhere. People are still going to
    bully others. People are still going to *be* bullied. I’m verbally bullied
    everyday I go to school, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.
    And for those of you about to reply… *NO* I am *not* going to “tell an
    adult.” I’ve already wasted enough time venting my anger and my sorrow to
    the next random teacher, administrator, or aide. And what has it done?

  15. Elyssa Brecher says:

    Poignant…a film less than 4:00 long, that never says a word, but speaks
    volumes about what some children go through. As a teacher, I encourage all
    of my students to stand up for each other instead of pulling each other
    Beautifully done, Mr. Jackson. You have a knack for saying what needs to be
    said in a beautiful, silent way.?

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