Awareness short film-social responsibility

As a citizen of any country, being responsible is what we should do. We, students from Taylor University Lakeside Campus, Malaysia are making this video to r…

14 Responses to “Awareness short film-social responsibility”

  1. frostdegz says:

    great job! I will show this clip to my students.?

  2. Michal Omer says:

    Powerful !I’m going to present it to a staff of teachers who are looking
    for significant ways of dealing with responsibility in their classes.?

  3. neelam yadav says:

    Hie this is neelam yadav, their is an up coming DOODLE SOCIAL AD FESTIVAL
    2014 happening 1st time in india
    this competition consist of print ad and ad film which is open for all
    (professionals and students)
    CONTACT NO :- 8655097717 ?

  4. Vincent Huberta says:

    keep up the good job! It is very meaningful

  5. Jui Yen Chua says:

    Good job!! Yu Qi you’re good~~

  6. Yuqi Chong says:

    nice video , meaningful video ??

  7. Rick C says:

    Nice work Faye & Co.!

  8. Khai Ng says:

    a meaningful video. Our life always got plenty of variance because of our
    different actions. Be our own role well dont let us or other people suffer
    for our actions.

  9. 328w says:

    not bad :).. able to tell people that small things can lead to a big

  10. maish18292 says:

    I love this video 🙂 Very meaningful and really has an impact. Great job!

  11. Wee Chionh says:

    nice video =DD

  12. Olishyan says:

    freaking love this ! 😀

  13. ? ?? says:

    wouah! awesome!!! wad a meaningful video clip! haha great job!

  14. yschong0724 says:

    Great ~~~meaningful video~ qiqi flighting*-*

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