Automatically organize your desktop icons into shaded areas called Fences!

FencesĀ® is the most popular desktop organization tool used by millions of users worldwide. Create shaded areas called “fences” to automatically organize all …
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16 Responses to “Automatically organize your desktop icons into shaded areas called Fences!”

  1. OfARisenFall says:

    I’m a graphic designer and had some questions. I don’t output files
    entirely as .jpg or .gif images, most of them are .psd files, can automatic
    file sorting into fences be done with these formats, or is it bound to
    typically-used formats? When creating such documents will it automatically
    place new documents into that folder if saving to desktop is selected??

  2. magnus87 says:

    Please add Iconized fences option for the next release?

  3. Jesse Lemons says:

    YES! They added the folder contents as fence feature I was hoping for.?

  4. Stardock says:

    Want to show someone how cool & useful Fences is? Show them this video!?

  5. Mesak Chuang says:

    fences ? 2.0 ?? ?? Win 8 ? 9.99 ??….. www

  6. cheekyface says:

    Multiple Pages of Fences???
    I’ve just bought the Pro Version of fences and cannot find any way to set
    up multiple pages as shown in this video. I’m using Windows 7 so I hope
    this is not just a windows 8 thing. How do you set it up …or activate
    this option?? There doesn’t seem to be any option in the configuration

  7. Helperobc FlightGear says:

    what happends if trial expires??

  8. Chrystopher Chabert says:

    Very nice Stardock !?

  9. The New Office Coach Blogspot says:

    Something that is genuinely useful rather than a grab at keeping up with
    the Tablet market?

  10. Amanya BARNABUS SANZ says:

    this z kool?

  11. Jeremy Chiang says:

    ????????????????? ? ??????????????????????????????????????????… ????????

  12. ? ? says:

    ilove it ,very good

  13. OriginalArgent009 says:

    So sad and so true, kids today are indoctrinated into it by the media and
    nobody’s explaining to them that it’s not supposed to be like this, that
    it’s corporate greed and it’s ruining everything. So, Sorry Stardock, I
    paid for Fences already, if you want to roll out an update, great, give it
    to me. Otherwise, I’ll use what I’ve got or pirate the rip-off
    update.That’s how I roll.

  14. Berth Ljunggren says:

    Thought it was right click and drag to create a new fence hmm

  15. syszone says:

    so dose windows too they should call it Boxs 95, Boxes Vista and Boxes 8

  16. MentalTorrent says:

    They have indeed. I’ve been using Fences for a couple years and it comes?
    close to giving me the desktop I always wanted. Windows 2.0 is a good
    description. This is an App Windows should be leasing and including in a
    modern OS.

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