Aurora – Steampunk Short Film

Aurora – Steampunk Short Film. WINNER – BEST ACTION/ADVENTURE FILM – Comic Con International Independent Film Festival 2013. After his wife is kidnapped by a…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dublin Short Film

Check out this cool video through the streets of Dublin, accompanied by a punked up version of ‘Molly Malone’!! Bet you’ve never heard it like this before! I…

17 Responses to “Aurora – Steampunk Short Film”

  1. Deep Ashtray says:

    Well done, but I got distracted by airship technology along side muzzle
    loading single shot pistols. At minimum they would have the means in this
    world to build revolvers.?

  2. Dane Custance says:

    Cool beans.?

  3. SnabKebab says:

    This film is a slap in the face of women. really pathetic weak roles for
    them as victim, On top of that, the female pirates is a tool to be rescued
    and apparently can’t fight. During the fight between the wife, the husband
    and the villain, she could’ve kicked the villain in the face several times,
    but she must play the victim yet again. Then all of a sudden, after she’s
    played the whining pathetic victim, she SHOOTS the guy in the head??? high
    suspension of belief.

    Also, the stand-off in the tavern was completely bogus. Why didn’t the
    pirates shoot the husband and his buddies? Why was the husband so stupid to
    not disguise himself AT ALL? Really bad script, bad direction.
    Nice production values, but really atrocious moral values, circa 1950 or
    there abouts.?

  4. gitez2003 says:

    12:49-Mexican standoff multiplayed by 10?

  5. CoalMyn1382 says:

    Awesome awesome?

  6. Richard Reinert says:

    I’d love to see these airships assaulted by Me-109’s or FW-190’s. These
    steampunk worlds would would have been toast if they encountered WW-II
    levels of military technology.?

  7. Devon Wire says:

    better than asylums shit
    alot better?

  8. maxigu123 says:

    4:57 “That’s awful” – “That’s business”. Most ingenious line I have ever
    heard. And that is not a joke.?

  9. Hipmister3000 says:

    I saw it at the Tasma Steampunk Exhibition in Melbourne and really enjoyed
    it. The visual effects were amazing, but the acting was probably the only
    let down for me. But otherwise a really enjoyable film :)?

  10. a2pha says:

    The audio goes to MONO left ear after 20:00. Otherwise a sterling
    performance all ways around.?

  11. catseye10000 says:

    one thing I didn’t like about the final battle is to many close ups. I
    couldn’t tell where everyone was in relation to each other. other wise
    pretty good?

  12. Krystine Brown says:

    If you loved this, have a look at this kickstarter for a new steampunk book

  13. Keith Mitchell says:

    Not happy with this at all. There were two different ways to look at this,
    the really artistic stuff and the Lame stuff, and so the two absolutely
    don’t work well together.?

  14. ALEXA CALI says:

    this was so fucking cool and mad impressive how the hell did you guys do
    all that??/?

  15. Dagon Xanith says:
  16. Katara2k11 says:

    so AWESOME!

  17. Johnathon Keenan says:


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