Assassins Creed Black Flag Short Film

Inspired by Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed Black Flag Watch the behind the scenes Directed by John Lyde Edward Kenway – James Gaisford…

I’m Here is a 2010 sci-fi romance short film written and directed by Spike Jonze… a remarkable short film…a love…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 Responses to “Assassins Creed Black Flag Short Film”

  1. Teresa King says:

    That is not even how black flag goes I have played the hole game that’s why
    I disliked ?

  2. TheRadBread says:

    The actor kinda looks like Chris Pratt O_O?

  3. McRAWR428 says:

    Is that James Gaisford? Because he looks really hot with facial hair?

  4. Damphampster says:

    This is fantastic!! To see the game come to life like this is just

  5. Nick Mademlis says:

    is this fan-made? cause it was really really good!!!?

  6. MxCP11 says:

    6:48 they misspelled “señor” and put “senior” which means mister in
    Spanish. ?

  7. Ali Evsen says:

    Where can I see your Red Dead Reademption video?

  8. Simon Rockstream says:

    Very good well done guys! Really cool that u used to dialouge from the
    game, nice touch. And nice filming aswell ;D Keep it up!?

  9. Allvater says:

    well, that was better than the last 10 Fan Films i
    you are talented!?

  10. crazy gamer says:

    nice job ?

  11. thomas brady says:

    Very good acting, almost makes me want to see the rest of the story get the
    same treatment, but I preferred the original jungle-covered setting of Cape
    Bonavista (though filming in an environment like that would obviously have
    much more complications).?

  12. Victor Ferger says:

    Omg,very nice camera…
    And cool Movie,thats very cool.?

  13. xParadiseCircusx says:

    Amazing game and amazing short movie!!! great work like always!!!?

  14. JCyranStudios says:

    Nice, however an assassin wouldn’t loose with a pirate…?

  15. Carl Hayes says:

    Although some of this short film didn’t really happen in the real
    assassin’s creed IV black flag game, it was a magnificent movie and I think
    my dad will love it because he wants to do short films and become a famous
    movie maker one day. If you have any tips for my dad, just reply to my
    comment so I can tell him. ; )?

  16. Ken Fitzpatrick says:

    see at 3:54 he say THIS IS ASSASSIN’S CREED?

  17. LuminosMonkeyStudios says:

    Awesome! Even though Edward is blonde in the game I think it suits him more
    with black hair.?

  18. martan cholo says:

    The assassin in the beginning looks like the guy who calls you piss pot in
    unity hahaha?

  19. Unicornio says:

    Spike Jonze is not a Director. Spike Jonze is a Artist.?

  20. Hannah Meyer says:

    I love this short film. It’s been years since I’ve seen it and it’s
    beautiful. I can’t wait to watch Her. I feel like those who like this would
    also enjoy The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.?

  21. Adriana Germanotta says:

    is there seriously no place to buy new body parts?????

  22. Jay lite says:

    HIM A NEW BODY Fullmetal Alechmist?

  23. FSAyfkm says:

    That awkward moment when a robot has a better love life than you?

  24. Physiclese says:


    At the beginning they showed what happened to a robot who drove, while
    Sheldon watched from his bus seat. That being said, like someone else
    pointed out, the old woman shouting “You know what happens to robot’s who
    drive” and Sheldon’s polite agreement with her implied that he kind of knew
    what he was getting into when he got into the car. Over time he developed
    feelings for her, because of her spirit (which the robots usually don’t
    have, aren’t supposed to, or generally just seem to suppress.) He had
    grown disillusioned or dissatisfied with the regular state of affairs. She
    introduces him to music, to art. To the idea that he doesn’t have to just
    simply exist. That there’s more, that he can be HERE. She teaches him how
    to live and he loves her for it.

    That being said, he was on some level aware of the possible negatives of
    the situation, specifically after the first incident. And in the second
    incident, she asks if she has a choice, and he says no. He’s made up his
    mind, and he sees it through to the end.

    His love was about gratitude, and perseverance. It was about accepting
    love, and being understanding and forgiving of flaws. Some of the comments
    I read insist the commenter “would never be that stupid” and that “love has
    limits”, which are both true to some extent, but misses the point of the
    movie, I think. If Sheldon had asked her to change, if he had tried to
    control her, she wouldn’t be the person he fell in love with. It may have
    been more responsible to walk away, but then Robot-God knows what would
    have happened to her, and he couldn’t accept that, nor could he accept
    simply dismissing this new found hunger for life he had never known before.

    And to those who say with full conviction that they will “never be that
    stupid”, I truly feel sorry for you.

    And I know what you’re thinking: “But what does he get out of it?”

    Well, firstly, he found a new way to look at life. And secondly, the story
    isn’t over. The movie itself doesn’t speak to her love of him, but it’s
    hinted at towards the end when the taxi pulls up.

    She’s no longer driving. She in turn, has learned something about life
    from Sheldon, and we simply don’t know what the future holds for them. If
    he had tried to force her to change all would have been lost.

    And they live happily ever after, or something.

    She has to prove to the world she’s alive (I’m Here!), and in the process
    teaches him how to live. He loves her for it, and wouldn’t change her for
    anything, because doing so would take away the very thing he loves. When
    she finds herself in trouble, he steps in to save her (I’m Here!), and
    continues to do so, out of love, at his own peril. In the end, she may or
    may not have learned a lesson, but that’s for another short film.?

  25. chaurasia hariprasad says:

    fake, those ‘robot’s are just humans with a computer case as a helmet.?

  26. Lonesome Crow says:

    Thanks for the tears.?

  27. Swastik Casey says:

    Pratik Giri brought me here.?

  28. Alex Rodriguez says:

    I truly wish this was a feature length movie.?

  29. spanatribe says:

    Tears, what have I given my wife to make her happy, what would I give…?

  30. Ashtar Melendez says:

    He cant buy body parts coz its representative of love. Once you give love,
    you cant just buy a new one, or just take it back. You become one with the
    person you love. You give your own. Theres no “fix” in love. But there is
    “loving what’s broken”. Thats what this is about. ?

  31. Aaron Renfro says:

    I was talking to someone about “Her”, and it reminded me of Spike Jonze’s
    short “I’m here”. It’s another technology-based heart breaker.
    In a good way.
    At least to me.?

  32. Danijela Todorovic says:

    “I’m Here” 2010 a short film by Spike Jonze FULL
    Happy Valentine’s Day! #valentinesday2015 ?

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