Artistic Tips: Hand Lettering in Adobe Illustrator

Pen Scrapper expert, Laura Coyle, shows you how to create beautiful freehand lettering with Adobe Illustrator and your Wacom tablet. Subscribe to our channel…
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5 Responses to “Artistic Tips: Hand Lettering in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Guy Bradbury says:

    Excellent Tutorial! You have great communication skills. THANKS

  2. Laura Coyle says:

    My channel at coyleart has more videos about Illustrator including
    adjusting your Wacom tablet tip feel settings and creating a ribbon brush
    to use with your tablet. Thanks! – Laura

  3. olu hamilton says:

    very informative

  4. John Doe says:

    why this is a well made tutorial, it is tagged as hand lettering…Key
    words “hand lettering” not digital lettering. anything for a higher page
    rank I guess.

  5. Madison Wellington says:

    This tutorial is very well done. You’ve shown me things I wasn’t quite sure
    how to do with my wacom. Thanks!

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