Art of the Western World – Episode 9: The Birth of Baroque

Complete Episodes: Art of the Western World – Episode 9: The Birth of Baroque.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 Responses to “Art of the Western World – Episode 9: The Birth of Baroque”

  1. Nicole Noyola says:

    Interesting. Thank you for the upload! :)?

  2. Arts, Culture and Education Forum says:
  3. Lily Rawstorne Hannigan says:
  4. tylerofthesea says:
  5. oleksijm says:
  6. 1001orpheus says:
  7. Darlanne says:

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    is our LIFE and what we ENJOY doing, and are looking to increase our sales.
    I highly doubt any of you are going to get anything more than a face palm
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  9. Amir027 says:

    sorry, i’m very noob…if i sell my art, do i need send my art to buyer??
    another question, i’m from malaysia, can i sell on that website? sorry for
    the english?

  10. rjf180 says:

    THANKS so much for your help! You are awesome……all the very best to

  11. Jonathan Dass says:

    Thanks Brad. You have provided me more information and ideas for selling my
    photography art through your 10 min video than I have found in years. I
    have art that people want but cannot find me so thanks mate for sharing
    work brilliant work plus tips on how to get my work online. You would love
    our big waves in here Australia :)?

  12. Samson4G says:

    if they send back the print for not liking it, who keeps the print? ?

  13. shankar raut says:

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  14. Melissa Dunham says:

    When you sell on ebay, do you provide a link to Fin Art America or do you
    package your prints from home for ebay buyers??

  15. Jon Focker says:

    you seem pretty motivated. do all your efforts pay off? did you move to
    lake tahoe?

    i am super lazy. i am a graphic designer and could make killer shirts but
    lazy. i have some photos on fine art america but that is more of a hobby.
    i like landscape painting but only sold a few and have tons not finished

  16. Eric-Scott Bloom says:

    I take what is applicable…information can NEVER hurt……E?

  17. Alex Art says:

    Thank you, some good ideas are here! ;)?

  18. ytube info says:

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  19. Viviane Belladona says:

    Thanks for the video Brad. I am right now just looking for ways to sell my
    art. Your video was certainly helpful. So you built your website using fine
    art America? ?

  20. Stuart Coutts says:

    Hi Brad, Thank you for the video.
    Can u explain to me please how you decide on the prices u set??

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