Art Basel 2013 Art Unlimited

One of the highlights of Art Basel is the Unlimited sector, the exhibition platform for large-scale installations, sculptures, paintings, video projections a…
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  1. VernissageTV says:

    Video Walkthrough: Art Basel 2013, Art Unlimited sector.?

  2. Juinino says:

    El “arte contemporáneo” es un callejón sin salida: podría hablar de todo y,
    no obstante, no habla de nada. La pose no puede ocultar el vacío.?

  3. says:

    Love Art Basel!?

  4. Dale McFarlane says:

    second-that…’such bloat and bombast’ and ugly sprayed on objects,via
    constant drab looking,like an abandoned slum.NOT ART,just desperate
    ‘gallerists’, wasting our time.
    they exhibit dudes have gone mad with ‘ultimate-ugly’ …times three.?

  5. Bond Rene says:

    As an Artist 08:51 @BondHamburg slangt. Organistion Picturs?

  6. John Dempsey says:

    Thanks for posting. This is the first year in the last ten I haven’t gone
    or exhibited and I felt awful. This helps!!!?

  7. Zbigniew Stok?osa says:

    Please send meinvitations organized by exhibitions you to: The World
    Photographic and Audiovisual Artists Association, PL 50 – 000 Wroclaw -68 ,
    P.O. Box 856 , Poland or e-mail addresse:
    Zbigniew Stoklosa – president Association, e-mail:

  8. VernissageTV says:

    Thank you!

  9. Michael Budd says:

    Why is art always presented in such a dead way?

  10. raphxxx says:

    why not make inserts to see who the artists are?

  11. VitricArt says:

    What is it about installation art that captures the imagination so? Thanks
    for posting another excellent video. I always feel like I can participate
    even though I am halfway across the world 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. jamey909 says:

    Such bloat and bombast. Truly sickening.

  13. librielle says:

    Very interesting. Good invitation. Thanks

  14. SpaceChild59 says:

    99.5% of the Art Basel is pretentious nonsense.

  15. baris mert says:

    SCHWEIZ . . LÖRRACH , FREIBUG . . _ ich suche in der umgebung
    SCHWEIZ , Lörach oder von Freibung eine GARTENHAUS mit ein
    wert bis 10 000 €

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