Animated Short Film/Movie Compilation (Full Length Movies) Full HD

Blender Foundation Movies – Animated Short Film/Movie – Compilation (Full Length Movies) Full HD Full Movies 1. Elephants Dream – Full HD 1080p (2006) 2. Big…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “Animated Short Film/Movie Compilation (Full Length Movies) Full HD”

  1. Yamini Kiran says:

    +gree86, I too felt sad to see her killing her pet(Sintel). But, She don’t
    know that her pet has grown up. That’s why she failed to recognize her pet.
    Confession of her eyes is heart touching.. ?

  2. English Full Movies says:
  3. FanastyArtist2 says:

    I am SO GLAD Elephant’s Dream was the first movie shown. I saw it when I
    was little, and I’ve been looking for it ever since I remembered bits and
    pieces of it. As soon as I saw the characters and the first scene, I knew
    that was it. I’m super happy I could find it.?

  4. Ronghang Limbu says:

    Sintel is the best.?

  5. guadalupe granados says:

    who would dislike this?!?

  6. Modslover says:

    i feel like this is a alternate stanly parible I LOVE IT!!?

  7. Dewitt Brown says:

    Generate expanded mental vision of concepts ?

  8. bio rio says:


  9. Diaz Volturi says:

    So good.?

  10. Angelwings says:

    The little grey fella in Big Buck Bunny is so cute?

  11. james francis says:

    the first one is about an old guy who has schizophrenia. and the young guy
    get tired of humernning hem.?

  12. Shawna Hodson says:

    most of the time, these shorts aren’t supposed to make sense, it’s about
    the beauty of a project and what a person can do with the tools they have
    to make these happen.?

  13. gurajada says:

    Scaleeesssss!! It made me tear up :'(

    Not fair.. just not! ?

  14. AnimalKingdom says:

    This film creeped me out a lot.?

  15. SquabbaTheHutch says:


  16. terryliciareed says:

    Not even halfway through SCALES and I think I’m in love … with …ALL OF

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