Angels and demons spray paint art

Spray paint art México By Porfirio Jimenez C. 2014 Thank you.
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  1. Trenton Streator says:

    Dude, relax, stay off the meth.?

  2. nicolas barraso gonzalez says:

    Muy bueno! pero que es lo que fumas antes de los videos? es para un amigo?

  3. nonaime hatake says:

    This is <3 wooow i really Like your Job!!!! ?

  4. Heisenberg says:

    que buenos videos, una pregunta que usas para limpiarte las manos después
    de tus trabajos?

  5. drudigger says:

    This is just amazing, good job.?

  6. Ovidiu Lungu says:

    you are very damn good bro! :)?

  7. Pranav Viswanathan says:

    Also, where did you learn? I want to become more advanced. Also, is there
    anyway I can buy this piece? It is amazing. If not, can I just recommend a
    video. I think you should make a spraypaint art video where you make a
    music violin abstract painting.?

  8. Emilee Zen says:

    0:-) Angels… and demons >:->

    Sublime spray paint Art !!!! C O N G R A T S !!!?

  9. JustSketching says:

    That’s freaking amazing! Great work?

  10. cedric de pousargues du parsat says:

    amaizing colors very good job?

  11. monica sanchez says:

    Amazing! great job!?

  12. lilnorthnchick 71 says:


  13. Joseph Villani says:

    Wow you are really talented you do some amazing art I want some lol keep up
    the great work?

  14. brandon pearson says:

    What brand of spray paint do you use? If you dont mind me asking, your
    great btw.?

  15. John Godinez says:

    Me inspiras Asia la arte más y más eres increíble tu síguele amigo ?

  16. Eddie Zabala says:

    Make your intro. and be best if you play the music theme, angels and
    demos. while you are spray painting. be great for you.?

  17. xXDreamWithAnimeXx * says:

    Wow, very nice detail! I am stunned!?

  18. MrStr8shooter says:

    at what point did you paint the man and the women did you edit that part
    out ??

  19. Arina Rai says:

    This is gorgeous. I don’t spray paint but I do sketching and use acrylic to
    paint, it might not be as exciting as this spray painting. This is just
    amazing can’t wait to see more.?

  20. Ally Stewart says:

    I would love to have a bit of your energy! Your’e adorable and this was so
    beautiful. It’s funny because looking at it upside down I’m thinking
    “Um…what the heck am I looking at?” then when you spun it around my jaw
    dropped. Awesome!?

  21. infamous pro says:

    why are you always nervous 😀 lol but i just love you dude you are coll
    dude <3?

  22. oswaldo martinez says:

    Can you make a picture for me plz i really want one yo soy mexicano ?

  23. diesel7244 says:


  24. Abaddon Adyon says:

    Beautiful art! 😀
    How did you learn this style? ?

  25. rawr Yuuki says:

    sakamichi no apollo? Someone??

  26. jupiter wes says:

    Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers members ;
    Art Blakey : drums Lee Morgan : trumpet Benny Golson :
    tenor sax
    Bobby Timmons : piano Jymie Merritt : bass
    Released in 1958 .?

  27. GenesisCore says:

    +Enrique Andrada the Anime Sakamichi no Apollon , isn’t it? :D?

  28. Enrique Andrada says:

    Always enjoyed jazz tunes as it was something my father was into.

    I stumbled upon this track a while back in quite an unlikely place, whilst
    watching a Japanese animation program, it has since become one of my
    favorite tunes. Cheers!?

  29. Julius-Ray Delator says:

    Kids on the Slope brought me here, and I’m very glad it has. This tune’ll
    be ringing in my mind for months to come, no doubt…?

  30. CityGov says:

    I find it staggering that anyone could even consider clicking the thumbs
    down button for this video. I put this on as background whilst I was going
    to do something else, which actually meant I sat spellbound for 14 minutes
    and now I’m going to do what I was planning.?

  31. Darrylizer1 says:

    With appologies to Wynton, Miles, Pops and even Dizzy, Lee Morgan is my
    favorite trumpeter. Humorous, soulfull, intense, he’s got it.?

  32. soapbxprod says:

    We are so lost these days… this is MUSIC, man. REAL music. DIG IT! :)?

  33. Jeffrey Alexander says:

    I noticed that Art Blakey sped up on the tune “Night in Tunisia”, also
    posted on Youtube, and from this concert as well. Pretty easy to do
    considering it’s a faster Afro-Cuban feel…On this tune, he keeps it real
    solid and the pocket is deeeep. Nobody could shuffle like Art!?

  34. NaturesSong12 says:

    Brought here because of Kids on the Slope. I’m extremely grateful too. ?

  35. Barakx8 says:

    Courtesy of MrBluesFool:
    Art Blakey – drums
    Lee Morgan – trumpet
    Benny Golson – tenor saxophone
    Bobby Timmons – piano
    Jymie Merritt – bass
    I like the music even more when I know the names of the performers. I can
    then go look for more music performed by each musician. I know the
    names…but haven’t always been able to associate the name with a face.
    Just fabulous music!?

  36. MrBluesFool says:

    Love This One!!
    A Blues number for the ages.

    Moanin’ is a jazz album by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers recorded in

    Art Blakey – drums
    Lee Morgan – trumpet
    Benny Golson – tenor saxophone
    Bobby Timmons – piano
    Jymie Merritt – bass

    This was Blakey’s first album for Blue Note in several years, after a
    period of recording for a miscellany of labels, and marked both a
    homecoming and a fresh start. Originally the LP was self-titled, but the
    instant popularity of the bluesy opening track “Moanin'” (by pianist Bobby
    Timmons) led to its becoming known by that title.?

  37. Euklistus says:

    Sakamichi no Apollon brought me here ??

  38. John Vono says:

    very tasteful choice of notes!?

  39. pyannaguy says:

    Listen to even the first minute or two (preferable with good headphones)
    and it becomes clear that there is a gaping chasm between dedicated jazz
    players and most other musicians. And, I’m not a snob; I like tons of Rock,
    Funk, even some Classic Country music. But, these guys have forgotten more
    about so many elements and aspects of music than probably most musicians
    will ever know. ?

  40. Baka Koyomi says:

    So im guessing a lot of people watch Sakamichi no Appollon?

  41. Peter Bromberg says:

    *Today is the birthday of jazz drummer Art Blakey, born 1919*?

  42. Caleb says:

    Lee Morgan is like the Wayne Shorter of trumpet players. ?

  43. Tom Dice says:

    I love Art Blakey’s jazz face 11:17?

  44. Walter Muller says:

    They are all absolute masters but Bobby Timmons’ solo is far in.?

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