An editor moves from FCP (Final Cut Pro) to Adobe Premiere Pro and is very happy about it!

An editor moves from FCP (Final Cut Pro) to Adobe Premiere Pro and is very happy about it!

Final Cut Pro users around the world are extremely unhappy about what Apple has done to their professional editing programme. It has been dumbed down to appe…

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23 Responses to “An editor moves from FCP (Final Cut Pro) to Adobe Premiere Pro and is very happy about it!”

  1. mjhollerATme says:

    I don’t get why in the comments some people talk about mac vs PC. You all
    do know that Adobe CC exists for both platforms?!??

  2. qqqTOXICqqq says:

    I’m so afraid to switch over. I use FCP 7. I’m in love with it. Everyone is
    telling me @ youtube NY to go premiere pro because i do not like FCP X.
    Thanks for the video!?

  3. Chris Penney says:

    Premiere is fantastic. I still prefer Sony Vegas pro, but Premiere is a
    close second.?

  4. JLXPRO says:

    I Agree! As a professional, I was really surprised that Apple cut us out of
    the loop and then had no machine to handle the work until last year. wow. 4
    years lost. I’ll stay Adobe. I also highly recommend Adobe creative cloud!?

  5. D Jones says:

    after just a short while using adobe premier pro, I feel like I wasted so
    much time with Final Cut Pro – Final Cut Pro just makes so many things so
    unnecessarily difficult, while Premier just seems to cut out so many
    unnecessary annoyances ?

  6. R Alexis says:

    No Eating In The Editing Suite… So Unprofessional… :P?

  7. JayNuggets says:

    I like premiere pro; mercury playback engine is bad ass. But I can’t stand
    adobe encoder. To me, compressor is way better and easier to use. I find
    myself sending a premiere project to final cut 7 anyway just so I can’t
    export it properly. I still don’t see much difference between final cut pro
    7 and Premiere pro to make a switch just yet. I do know I am gonna have to
    upgrade soon though 🙁

  8. Keth Gray says:

    This was really helpful.. I used to use Premiere about 10 years ago but
    then got convinced to move to Final Cut and then FCP. Seeing how slow FCP
    can be when waiting for clips to render has really frustrated me over the
    years and has made me start investigating in software that is powerful
    enough to do alot of real time editing. This looks like it could be the
    one. Final Cut Pro X seems to have taken moved sideways rather than
    forwards so don’t think I’ll be going down that route.

  9. mark palmos says:

    @elementsk8co Well firstly, there isnt much else now in the world of
    editing, not made by Autodesk… FCPX is iMovie on steroids, Avid is solid
    but their paradigm has been almost unchanged for decades, and IMO is clunky
    and unintuitive. Secondly, who do you mean by “industry professionals”?
    Everybody I know who uses Premiere IS an “industry professional”, depends
    on what industry you are talking about, the niche world of feature films?

  10. VMXGroove says:

    Premiere is better. Final Cut is a joke.

  11. aaronjacobwillman says:

    I never, EVER thought i would be considering a migration to Adobe
    Premiere…ever since i first used it in 2001 and completely hated it,
    finding it ungainly and tough to use, having used early versions of FCP and
    Media100 primarily. now here i am in 2012… and i have to move on from the
    warm embrace of FCP7. lol …any advice on how to make the transition as
    smooth as possible?

  12. Thats A Wrap says:

    I myself have moved over from FCPX and Mac Pros to PCs and CS6. I love it,
    i was always so loyal to the Mac and FCP but once X was released i starting
    using CS6. It amazing, then i thought why spend $6000+ for a new Mac Pro
    editing machine. I spent $3,800 on a built liquid cooled computer and it
    makes my Mac Pro look like an out dated pos in the performance aspect. I
    think FCPX and the Mac is great for the amateur editor and you tuber
    however not acceptable for full length professional project!

  13. daman799 says:

    just switched over from Sony Vegas to Premiere and i am super impressed
    with premiere the difference is like day and night

  14. Arnold Robert Lee says:

    Apart from the unnecessary foul language on here to express themselves,
    have we got a common belief that Adobe PP is worth the money, and the
    ‘Proffesionals DO use it. Who ARE the Professionals?

  15. Joseph Barrett says:

    Premier is eons more powerful. The issue you are having sounds like an
    installation flaw, call adobe perhaps? I have no DV import issues.

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