Amazing Homestuck GiFs

My First Homestuck Video ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope it turned out okay. Song : Bounce by Calvin Harris Homestuck : Andrew Hussie.

EnJoY ^_~ FB – Music : 1)JensJacobsen – Be Free (Original Edit) 2)Antoni & JensJacobsen – Handsup Motherfuckers! (Handsup)…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Amazing Homestuck GiFs”

  1. Sage Krotech says:

    Do you have sources for these please?? None of these I see give credits to
    where they found them. ?

  2. Hollywood Blue Blood says:

    Anime list please?

  3. Demented Chipmunk says:

    Karkat gets AAALLLLLLLL of the blind trolls.?

  4. enemom says:

    Sounds like Bratz. ?

  5. Madame Tigre Le Deuxieme says:

    Was…was that Neil Patrick Harris? Dancing with the elmo monster??

  6. HeroGameingLP says:

    0:23 he looked like markiplier ! ?

  7. Dave Strider says:

    the ones with me are the only good ones?

  8. Alex Katty says:

    0:53… thump. 1:55 karkat= how my friend feels when i’m following her
    around and terezi=me. 2:45 pshooo! thats me barging into my friends

  9. Kawaiikun says:

    The first time I saw this video, I had absolutely no idea what Homestuck
    was. I’m sure you could imagine how horrified and confused I was. But, now
    that I’ve started reading the web-comic, I finally understand it was my
    destiny to watch this video *dreamy sigh*?

  10. HeroGameingLP says:

    cool video?

  11. Gamzee Makara says:

    + puffyslufe ItS fRoM aNgEl BeAtS?

  12. Sollexus Captor says:

    ii love the2e viideo2?

  13. kiiniko says:

    There are many gifs videos for homestuck. There is a possibility that she
    used the same gifs as someone else because there are only so many gifs for
    homestuck. nobody should say this person stole this video when she said she
    made it unless you found an exact replica of this video posted onto YouTube
    before this video was posted. So don’t even try to accuse people of things
    unless you know what your talking about. To the creator of this video, you
    did a great job and I hope you get a lot of subs

  14. Cyanide Martini says:

    Dat update gif. -w/

  15. midiea cowlik says:

    Pfff sanity?? What sanity?

  16. Grace Mullican says:

    ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve talked to so many trolls…but not Sollux…

  17. katlin norman says:

    the last one o.0….. knowing them makes it scarier

  18. NoctuรกmKnight says:

    no nepeta?

  19. Grace Mullican says:


  20. Isabelle Johnson says:


  21. brooke dash says:

    2:10 L0L

  22. Nepeta Leijon says:

    (( 0:48 oh my god, Avatar reference, Life=complete))

  23. Kendall Borrowman says:

    0:36 The best gif, obviously ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Caitlin Henderson says:

    Why am i in this fandom again

  25. FriendInYourHead says:

    Lol I’ve lost it at the third one ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. TheLegendJohnCena says:

    The HD is a lie?

  27. Brayden Sturgess says:

    3:23 that would be freaky as.. haha xD?

  28. rahkshifan99 says:

    XDDDDD 3:40?

  29. Amazing1337 says:


  30. DragonOfStorm1987 says:

    5:03 true story xD

  31. Rice-a-Roni says:

    3:24 Noope

  32. doufancyapickle says:

    the cat at 5:43 has amazing eyes

  33. Evan Tisby says:

    4:24 took the actions right out of my head

  34. colmonhs says:


  35. foshizzlethisshit312 says:

    man the thing i love more than agent lemur is the nice community like this
    is seperate from all of youtube where only nice ppl commentt.

  36. JDLupus says:

    I genuinely thought that was him!

  37. deadrise1000 says:

    so fun yet impossable

  38. NIK Scythe says:

    praise the sun hahaha.

  39. TheR135 says:

    Epic as always ๐Ÿ™‚ thx

  40. Kilo Weigher says:

    4:48 Isn’t that Patrick Bateman, the America Psycho?

  41. MrBenji99899 says:

    Dark souls

  42. RebornAc3 says:

    awesome, keep it coming Lemur:D we love you

  43. Zarnaken says:

    This is one of the best! XD

  44. debo921ify says:

    3:28 2scry4me

  45. Magnic says:

    2:58 that is in Poland. Kid gave (using “magic”) money to homeless guy.

  46. woodyworrior says:

    shut the fuck up bitch just kidding^^

  47. bob18robert says:

    1:08 wut

  48. blizrfiz says:

    2:24 Best part. that girl gives no shits.

  49. ShivaShandra says:

    don’t touch the lemur

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