Alma – Animated Short Film

Alma - Animated Short Film

The story : Centers on a young girl who gets lured into an enchanted toy store, drawn in by its beautiful collection of dolls, including one that looks just …

??????? ???????? ????? latest malayalam short film | 2014 | HD

WARNING: Padipists better miss this movie quickly,its not meant for you! Syllabusil Illatha SUPPLIE Cast Rohith: Vishnu Gopu: Ashwin Jai: Abhilash Gouri: Poo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 Responses to “Alma – Animated Short Film”

  1. Lupe V. says:

    I hated it though it was very well made. Good job. ?

  2. Jennifer Liu says:

    and her real body??? and can a soul die??

  3. Samara Gama says:

    Did you noticed that right before that kid touches the doll ,it’s eyes are
    blue ,and then they turn green . Was it intentional ??

  4. Lovely Lopez says:

    Boy doll on bike tried to escape…hihi?

  5. Valeria Cardenas says:

    I can’t believe that Dreamworks is going to take this on. I mean I see it
    more like a Laika studios concept, but Dreamworks??

  6. Aidan McLeod says:

    we watched this in French class and narrated it in french, lol, our teacher
    paused it every five seconds?

  7. joseph amalathasan says:

    Fucking story?

  8. Antonio Bautista says:

    Excellent creepiness. Dolls.?

  9. Jolean Thorton says:

    beautifully creepy…heehee?

  10. Jessica Warford says:

    This in film will be terrifyingly awesome.?

  11. Vinizio Torres says:

    Very good, very dark story too.?

  12. Camocarzee englishmen says:

    Amazing animation ?

  13. eakpala18 says:

    What happened to Alma??

  14. Daija T. says:

    A little creepy. But still a great film. I give it a thumbs up?????

  15. shibin kutappi says:

    Adipoli…. A pakka similar life of Average students…Al d best fr d nxt

  16. LEO THOMAS says:

    ?????? ????????????? ,,,, ???? ?

  17. ArUn AJ says:

    Good work ?

  18. ansar ec says:


  19. anto mathew says:

    kollam frnds?

  20. Irshad Irshu says:
  21. sreeshal cp says:

    Ending super………?

  22. Krishna Kumar says:

    Super bro this was the way i cleared my supplies so nostalgic…..?

  23. Jishil K says:

    Polichuu machaane.. Kore ennam kandathil ithorennama istappette.. Editing
    cheytha machunu ente spcl congrats..?

  24. Jiju Balakrishnan says:

    ????? ???????????????? ,???????? ??????????? ????????? ????? ?????? .??????
    ???????????????? ?????? ???????? ????????????? ???????? ????????? ????????
    ?? (result campus short film -elective productions ),?????????
    ????????????? ????????????? ???????????????? ?? ????? ?????????????
    ???????? .???????????? ……?

  25. Vipin Davis says:

    nyc try gyz, but lots of lags.. hop better next time…?

  26. Carine B. Cardoso says:

    Put a subtitle!?

  27. sajad - says:

    Thallea kalipp 😛 ?

  28. vishnu vichu says:

    Nice work guys :D?

  29. Mohamed Sheheel.M says:

    good but sound effect very bad?

  30. Stein Mark Sajeev says:

    good job people! ?

  31. arif n says:

    gud work broooo….
    bgm kalaki….?

  32. Nabeel Hbk says:

    great work guys!?

  33. Ashwin Vijayan says:

    good work team supplie..(Y)..?

  34. vishnu vichu says:

    Nice work! ?

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