Air-Cell® installation instructions: Double brick cavity wall

A video detailing the installation steps of Air-Cell® Insulation in a double brick cavity wall.
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Video Rating: 3 / 5

3 Responses to “Air-Cell® installation instructions: Double brick cavity wall”

  1. Daniel says:

    Are the spacers required? A builder with any skill could centre the

  2. Daniel says:

    But over time I’m guessing that the aircell would eventually sag up against
    the skins of the brick anyway wouldn’t they? Would this affect the
    effeiciency as I userstand that it is reliant on the airspace.

  3. AirCellinsulation says:

    @indyswift The Air-Cell product will be well supported by the wire ties in
    the wall and restrained by the spacers so sagging to this extreme is
    unlikely. However, if this was to occur assessments show that the effect on
    the Total R-value performance could be approx. 15% reduction, but the Total
    R-value achieved would be still likely to meet that required by the BCA.

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