After Effects TUTORIALS – How to Fly Like Man of Steel!

In this tutorial, I teach you how to Fly Like my brother… a very far away brother, Man of Steel a.k.a. Superman a.k.a. Clark Kent a.k.a. Kal-el using our f…
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21 Responses to “After Effects TUTORIALS – How to Fly Like Man of Steel!”

  1. nfect says:

    Nice tutorial ! You took a great care about details, that’s awesome,
    however, you shouldn’t advise those values inside the motion tiles effect,
    you end up with an image to process that is almost 5 times bigger (150%
    then 150%), you could have used 102 and 102 which was way enough in this
    case and tell your students to start to be economic from the very begining
    on resources. You should give only 1 way to do things for the beginers,
    with too much informations you’ll lose them in the way. ?

  2. JasonBourne535 says:

    You are so fucking annoying with your mouth sounds and uumm !!!?

  3. David Cyrus says:

    11:30 Hi, on this part I still can see the yellow mark around the person.
    However in the video it’s gone. What did you do??

  4. Mustafa Adel says:

    It’s hard ?

  5. Alexander Prasetia says:

    hahahahhaha lu jago juga after effectnya?

  6. Mustafa Adel says:

    Software recorded name : camtasia 8?

  7. light bringer says:

    your tutorial is awesome ?

  8. SAI PHANINDRA says:

    after using pen tool we have cut haa, i did not understand please explain

  9. MCModernGames says:

    Thank you for the video, this is an amazing tutorial?

  10. StickyPictures98 says:

    Great turtorial:) You are an expert!?

  11. joshrooney8 says:

    Help the motion blur won’t activate.?

  12. Feldare Gaming says:

    It won’t let me move myself in the video ?

  13. Abhirama putra danendra says:

    Tara Arts orang mana??

  14. Raman Mali says:

    dude you are so funny haha and you give so easy tutorial ?

  15. Gino Yong says:

    what if i record the video without tripot? ?

  16. Andy Baedal says:

    manteb gan! wkwkwkwkwkwk?

  17. Heidi Fly says:


  18. Aihasas Yadu says:

    awesome video……
    and the start rocks……
    totally cool and comedy….?

  19. ???? ?????? says:

    cool very good job?

  20. Ruben Jesus says:

    eres un asco!!!!!!?

  21. Pepper Video Productions says:

    Excellent tutorial, well done.?

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