After Effects CS5 Tutorial: Getting Started

this is my first tutorial on adobe after effects CS5 in this tutorial I show you how to get started on using the program by showing you some of the features …
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My first tutorial, I hope you guys like this. Leave a thumbs up if you did, if not leave a comment regarding what you’d like to see. Thanks!

45 Responses to “After Effects CS5 Tutorial: Getting Started”

  1. Sam Runjah says:

    you talk to much,
    go straight to the point man!?

  2. Tinay See says:

    talk less biatch?

  3. carefulplants says:

    “if you you know pretty good well with photoshop, you can know pretty good
    a little bit, and get used to after effects a little bit”?

  4. haaris mohammed says:

    Really helpful.Thanks a lot man!!?

  5. Kevin Campbell says:

    How much did the software cost?
    I see the range between 300 to 3k. Something does not seem right. How
    much should one expect to pay/ ?

  6. swanseawales1979 says:

    thanks, very helpful?

  7. Mrs. Styles. says:

    ?????? ??? ????? ??????? Adobe After Effects? ?

  8. ?? says:

    yeah a little bit…….?

  9. Jay H says:

    “A little bit”.?

  10. iliek pizza says:

    anyone know why i cant do anyhring on cs5 like i cant use the option to
    mask or anything ??

  11. TheApprenticeAcademy says:

    Thanks for the video. Useful

  12. auzgk says:

    /watch?v=ba5J3HJKeNk Anyone with a spare Adobe After Effects serial will
    get a big reward. Visit the link above for info on prize(s).

  13. matale66 says:

    Is this with sony vegas, a good combination?

  14. HockeySteve says:

    how do you get the glow?

  15. EsteeFox says:

    Hello! I am from colorado – I am really learning this programs – what part
    of CO do you do lessons?

  16. TheLombaxDJ says:

    How did you get your macs theme to look like that?

  17. Nizam Ismail says:

    i’m Malaysia student…i like this video, thanks a lot

  18. Dj Patrick says:


  19. 1Ronaldinho10 says:

    where do you get the glow thing?(under effects)

  20. JOSEPH SOLOMON says:

    Hello! I am ABEL SOLOMON,manager of “KIAnimation computer company” it’s
    nice tutorial … continue , i have 1 Question …….i wont to
    download all tutorials but i cant download pls send by email address
    …… or thank you ……..

  21. says:

    Very nice u just spuddered a bit. Other than that it was great!?

  22. Sunil khatri says:

    the flesh softwer in wonder fool softwer in the master animation
    other then is’s great softwer..?

  23. Belinda Bulatao says:

    could you please tell me how you found super mario walking and standing –
    in google? I tried looking for them but I didn’t see :)?

  24. Sarah Brody says:

    an easier way to fit the image in the workspace: view>magnification>fit to

  25. Gigity Gigidy says:

    freak’n awesome dude.?

  26. David Tenant says:

    I am really confused. This was one of my favorite Youtubers. He was the
    first minecrafter i went to, and now he just STOPS. He’s on my related
    channels list! People ask who he is on my channel, and i say to check him
    out. I am seriously confused at why such a passionate gamer would stop!?

  27. Androide3000 says:

    I lose my time…?

  28. Jahesh Rado says:

    boring there is no code you can’t play it, it’s juist an animation?

  29. Dil Kumar says:

    Excellent Game tutorials But I need next part of Tutorials with scripting
    of how mario gets points and guns the enemy etc. I hope u understand what I
    want… Thank you…?

  30. Luna best pony says:

    how to install the timeline? ?

  31. Let's go jumping says:

    nice tutorial?

  32. Avishkar Baiju says:

    hey guys, where do i get the gif image??

  33. likeadraw easy says:

    south park?

  34. mohamed ebrahim says:

    it’s very awesome . LOL?

  35. Sprite Zilla says:

    That was the dog gone chair !

  36. Stafooisan says:

    Dude that picture of that raccoon, I drew an exact replica of it for my
    foundations of art class!

  37. pikechu90xx says:

    you can get them on spriters-resouce or googling

  38. sonia stjules says:

    Thank you not tank you lol

  39. Cloud797 says:

    Probably a good idea to get the resources before starting a tutorial 😛

  40. Blurred Assassin says:

    am i the only one that notices Kile from south park between the clouds 2:39

  41. Jake Knudson says:

    he used a .gif file which will automatically animate the mario.

  42. utubeuser807 says:

    How to make the animations?

  43. [LN][TBN]Marc Carless Productions says:

    i think that was his chair

  44. Luis says:

    where did u get mario sprites?

  45. Gilad Bennun says:

    you sound like Guude, and you also said hello guys! suspicious…

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