Aerosmith – Jaded (Acoustic Cover by ICONS band)

Icons band covering jaded from Aerosmith, live at CnT kemang. Follow our twitter : @theICONSband.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “Aerosmith – Jaded (Acoustic Cover by ICONS band)”

  1. Jude Suarez says:

    are you guys filipino??

  2. Dominic Minischetti says:

    Wow… wasn’t expecting the singer to have pipes like that. Loved the
    interpretation, instrumentation, and performance as a whole. Epic for sure!?

  3. johanes simorangkir says:


  4. Robson Reinaldo says:

    Veery Good. Nice !!

  5. johanes simorangkir says:

    @Ledahaka84 THANK YOU! 😀

  6. TheHenryTown says:

    there is a band in bangladesh who are also called icons, lol

  7. Rully Reinald says:

    Keren bro band nya, kemairn liat di IIMS tgl 29/9/2012 di boothnya Shell..
    asik bandnya.. ini ada sedikit videonya, oh iya ada fanspage di FB gak
    bro?? klo boleh tau apa ya namanya…

  8. Butusofff says:


  9. Fara Octavia says:

    good job…favorite local band ever..

  10. Juancho Oliva says:

    WTH only 1.5k views? =/ I’ve been a youtube surfer for years and this is
    the best group I have heard. Everything.. the amazing guitar strumings! the
    voices, bass perfect arragments and percussion. Im totally sharing this

  11. johanes simorangkir says:

    trimakasih bro buat share videonya, klo fanpage fb nya kita ada, tp jarang
    update nih, hehehe..paling twitter aja

  12. Ledahaka84 says:

    Woaw ! Magnifique !

  13. Katrina Rob says:

    I totally did not expect the singer’s voice to sound that deep & rocker-ish

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