Adobe Premiere Pro vs After Effects vs Final Cut Pro vs Maya vs Cinema 4D presents: Today I tackle an issue that many people have asked me – choosing the correct video editing/creation software for …

6 Responses to “Adobe Premiere Pro vs After Effects vs Final Cut Pro vs Maya vs Cinema 4D”

  1. photondance says:

    Zora’s beautiful.?

  2. luigipunk25 says:

    i’m just using after effects. i think that i won’t be needing premiere pro,
    because i’m really good at using after effects :3?

  3. Rodney Ramos Jr. says:

    Thank you for this informative video!! I’ve been filming music videos and
    family gatherings with my new canon avchd camcorder for the past 4 years,
    but realized unfortunately that the video software I have (Ulead
    Videostudio) does NOT handle avchd footage well resulting in multiple
    crashes and data loss even on my ASUS G750 that has an i7 Haswell processor
    and 24 GB of RAM. As far as Adobe Premiere Pro, how much should it cost me?
    I’ve gone to many locations online and some copies cost around $350 while
    others cost $900, so that seems a little confusing. Any answer would be
    greatly appreciated!! I need to make the next move toward professional
    grade editing software because I’m wasting precious time on software that
    simply isn’t productive.?

  4. Nirupam Reykjavik says:

    Your new friend lynx point siamese “Zorah” is cool =D
    I like the way you scripted it. Nice !!.?

  5. Fil R.K. The Cuber says:


  6. OfficialC9P says:

    Awesome vid, as usual! It would be awesome if you checked out our channel?

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