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Visit to learn more about An Editor’s Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro. In this video, you will learn how to use markers to mark…

32 Responses to “Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial | Motion Matching | Infiniteskills”

  1. Giuseppe Tullio says:

    molto interessante?

  2. Ikaro Alef says:

    Thanks! that’s what I was looking for. Great video.?

  3. CommanderSanta says:

    Great video – a little humdrum, but very useful! Thanks!?

  4. Littlemissvideoimmo says:

    finally got it! thanks?

  5. Michal Debnar says:

    nice and easly πŸ™‚ thanks for tut !?

  6. ????'zik says:


  7. Un Cuoco Da Strada says:

    thank you. is perfect for the beginners … πŸ™‚

  8. noey sean says:

    Your videos are great! I learn a lot, and laugh along the way. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  9. B. Bryant Videos says:

    Hi I am trying to edit a video with very fast beats and I wanted the clips
    to change with those beats. I used your instructions with the markers and
    they worked great. However the beats are so fast I had to slow down the
    audio so I could place the markers but when I put the audio back to real
    time the markers are still in the same place when slowed down. Guess my
    question is, is there a way to marry the markers to the audio/video clips
    so when you change the speed/duration the markers would know to adjust??

  10. Mia Montesin says:

    This was really helpful but how do you transcribe the words spoken by the

  11. SKrillEXwubs says:

    Cool, thanks!?

  12. DanielusCornelius says:

    Great tutorial. Thanks!?

  13. Ceri Lines says:

    Very handy, thank you!?

  14. juan carlo bien says:
  15. natureshotschannel says:


    Thanks for uploading!




  16. JPittsProductions says:


  17. JPittsProductions says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU…..!!! I’m working on a little video project for a
    kid’s birthday party and I was using your tutorial…..YOU ROCK! Very easy
    to follow along with the sound of your voice….that rolling tool thingy is
    now my best friend…..YOU GET A LIKE, A SUBCRIBER AND A COMMENT!!! I’ll
    show you what it looks like when finished….

  18. Nick Hansbauer says:

    But when using the waveforms to fine-tune your markers, you can be pretty
    damn accurate and it offers way more flexibility than an automated script…

  19. QASCustom says:

    now it all has tobe done inside preview window. which sucks,

  20. Can Karako says:

    OMG This is a editing program this should be automatic! You can never be
    %100 accurate clicking! Don’t you agree? Thanks for the great tutorial by
    the way πŸ™‚

  21. entyce66 says:

    great tutorials ive enjoyed them all very informative thx

  22. Pauline Duka says:

    Thank you! I finally made my work easier than before. You see I’m kinda
    making a rhythmic editing job here. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO

  23. chinchillawrangler says:

    awesome thanks dude. ok so what if i wanted to trim at a beat and at the
    trim i want a flash to go along with the beat…sorry im new to cs5 its
    really different compared to vegas

  24. jeremiah69100 says:

    Very good bro! i subscribed you

  25. al1080p says:

    Hey. great vid. i’m on a mac/ prem pro cs5 and everything you clicked on is
    in a different place on my mac or its called something else. is there a
    different set up I should use? help

  26. BlackMilkProduction says:


  27. Isaac Strong says:

    Yaya! thank you for this!

  28. Sun Ho Lee says:

    Great tutorial. Im using CS6 and I couldn’t find clip marker. What should I
    do on CS6 to trim to beats? Please help.

  29. jameskalu26 says:

    Hello friends please i need someone to help me get the original key-gen for
    cs5 or cs5.5 thanks. here is my email or

  30. tahititradewinds says:

    when I press the clip marker shortcut that I set (“1”), the play

  31. stokesinman says:

    1700 Views and 1 comment?

  32. QASCustom says:

    Forget about it in CS6

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