Adobe Premiere Pro CC & the new GoPro CineForm Codec

In this video , I’ll give you a quick tour of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.1(new for Fall of 2014) and the new GoPro CineForm codec as well as quick overview o…
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  1. Robert Shaver says:

    EDIT 2: Oh, I missed the 2014 point one part. So you’re just teasing us 🙂

    EDIT 1: So far I have not located any GoPro CineForm codecs in Premiere Pro
    CC 2014 or Media Encoder CC 2014. Do I need to download/install them or

    That was super interesting and left me with many questions. I’m shooting 4K
    with the Panasonic GH4. Unless I’m doing something wrong, Premiere Pro does
    imports my spanned clips as separate files. Other cameras, like my Canon
    T2i, imported spanned clips appear in my bin as a single clip. (Am I doing
    something wrong with my GH4 import?)

    Since I’m on Windows, Media Encoder can not transcode into ProRes, is the
    Cinemaform codec a good choice if I want to consolidate my spanned clips
    into a file that Premiere Pro will treat as a single clip?

    Also I have to admit I don’t understand the media management part of this
    video. First, what is the goal of media management? If I want to make
    changes after eliminating all that footage, aren’t my options going to be
    pretty limited? If I turn my After Effects comps into video clips, what if
    I need to go back and make changes in that comp? (That’s quite common to
    fix graphics errors like spelling mistakes.)

    Thanks for a great tutorial and the footage was mind-boggling too.?

  2. dhelmly says:
  3. Erick Aguirre says:

    What about cineform RAW??? It could be a great solution for bmcc users.
    Converting cinemaDNG to cineform RAW!!?

  4. Bill Columbus says:

    Looking good Big D… Working on a Shared Synology NAS using compressed
    codecs with some early success will test this codec as well for you. Pretty
    cool NAS unit 4 ethernet ports getting 130-150 both ways shared.?

  5. skytoast says:

    So.. Cineform after all these years is going “FREE” (w/Adobe)????

  6. Christopher F says:

    Hey Dave,

    Great video but just this afternoon, I watched an even better 30 min.
    breakdown you did of all the new features of 2014, 8.1 but I can’t find it
    on YouTube anymore and when I found the below link on the blogs.adobe page,
    it says the video was removed by YouTube. Will it be posted again? I want
    to show it to my fellow editors. Thanks!

    Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 and New Features:

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