Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 – Getting started

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 - Getting started

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 is available as a free download from the Adobe website ( ) , but getting started can be hard, es…
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6 Responses to “Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 – Getting started”

  1. Batronyx says:

    Very helpful! It helped me figure out how to get at some of the settings
    that seem greyed out in preferences. One question though, I see around 9:03
    the H.264 codec listed as one of the Quicktime options. Is something wrong
    with that one??

  2. AFluffyKantus says:

    How did u get it working with Windows 7??

  3. Zera Vayl says:

    hey guys if u need the key code or serial code use this this one
    1132-1280-4900-7476-5108-8019 <--- key code?

  4. Wai Shing says:

    It is very useful, but I am wondering why do you have some many compressors
    in the setting , i have only several options!?

  5. Benny Flaco says:

    you should probably change the name of this video into Adobe Premiere – How
    to convert into smaller file or something like that. BUT anyway this was
    very hellpful so – thank you :-)?

  6. TwinnMeisterGeneral says:

    Cheers Mate, I’ve been struggling all day to sort this out. Thanks!?

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