Adobe Premiere Elements 10 – Tutorial | Making a Video

This video will show you how to make a basic video in Adobe Premiere Elements 10. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to rate, comment and subscribe!
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20 Responses to “Adobe Premiere Elements 10 – Tutorial | Making a Video”

  1. REDD [TV] says:

    is it right that it takes lioke 2 hours to render a 8 min video

  2. DataRascal says:

    If you know of a DVD tutorial for this software, let me know. Thank You!!

  3. Douglas K Young says:

    I picked the first right tutorial for elements 10! Simple and short for a
    good start. Thank Q!

  4. DaedricDan says:

    If you have a shit computer, yes 😛

  5. cnballard0531 says:

    say you render a big clip and then cut half of the footage out when you
    finish the editing part do you have to render the video again before you
    can upload or once you render that one time its rendered for good?

  6. stoneycartoons says:

    thx for saving me time by wasting your time to make this great helpful

  7. Yoshi Gang says:

    Adobe Premiere Elements 10 is compatible with Windows 8.

  8. Boum Chakalaka says:


  9. Sue Ann Osborne says:

    can you make a video showing how to do “green screen” ??

  10. ArtAndBeautyFreak says:

    Thank you so much for making this video. I never knew that i had to render
    to be able to get rid of the bad quality. I really appreciate it =) // Aria

  11. FuzzleVideos says:

    I’ve spent hours trying to find a video editor and every single one I run
    across has a deal breaking issue. Power Director has audio sync problems,
    Sony Vegas looks like a rubix cube. I’m thinking about this one now…

  12. Bob Egbert says:

    Im using a PC and my transitions will not come up do you know anything
    about that?

  13. Marric Media says:

    how do I create a StopMotion Clip?? Where can I say how long I want 1
    photo? please help 🙂 thanks

  14. Darvinisti says:

    And how to I make a video? What is the save movie button here?


    Hi master, how to up 180 grades a video?

  16. riley stusser says:

    i played with you on reach!

  17. Mr Source says:


  18. 99% Gamer 1% Human says:

    How can i get rid of black bars on the sides of the video ? Crop,i think
    it’s called ?

  19. witledge G says:

    pls make more on how to edit clips !! this is sooo helpful. I have the the
    same soft wear as you just on a hp.

  20. kingmik321 says:

    is Adobe Premiere Elements 10 compatible with Windows 8?

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