Adobe Photoshop scratch disk full solution

If you are getting an error message or warning that your scratch disks are full using photoshop, then here is how you can fix that error message.

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  1. GuidesTutorials says:

    it sounds like yur installation is incorrect. try uninstalling photoshop,
    then reinstalling it.?

  2. UberScuber says:

    Thanks,I had a nother problem.I had 15 GB free and it said that its
    full,Then when i clicked to prefrenses…I transfered it to D Disk!Thanks!?

  3. Hang Le says:

    does yr wife does not let u talk, speak, do anything at night or some??
    com’on man yr voice is better than that. u r doing a tutorial NOT for film,
    xxx short film or something . . . we’re looking for a result “how to fix
    it” not yr voice. thx btw.?

  4. kadolii says:

    Thank you so much! This video really helped me:)?

  5. Dung Lê Th? Ph??ng says:

    New in pts cs3 it appeared the words “could not initialize photoshop zing
    vì scratch disks are full” -> How do you like okay ??

  6. dakunclear says:

    I know you said to empty your harddrive of rubbish but I have tons and I
    mean tons of space left and it’s still saying that >.< mind you I am running a mac so not sure if that makes a difference?

  7. Doeye Hof says:

    Thanks man! I was getting crazy of emptying my C drive..?

  8. Buffelz says:

    I still get the error message , please help?

  9. vCoZmicZz™ Gaming & More says:

    Hey Can You Just Change The Drive You Use For Photoshop And Take Of The
    Default Drive And Use A Spare Drive ?

  10. stellashani says:

    I love you! Thank you soooo much! It was driving me crazy.?

  11. LyricVideos says:

    I have only one scratch disk option called default(c). What can i do??

  12. Killaah says:

    Hey dude could you please help me? I had Photoshop and everything was
    working completley fine, I can’t find a solution for my problem which is :
    When I open up my Photoshop it says “Scanning for plugins…” untill it
    reachs initialize and then it says:
    Could not open a scratch file because the file could not be found , then I
    click okay , open another window saying : Could not initialize Photoshop
    because the file could not be found. and it doesn’t open it. I can’t find
    any solution to this. I have got a pretty decent computer , and I have one
    hardrive (C:) , Please man I need your help! I can’t find a solution for

  13. JozomGaming says:

    Thx why the 31 dslike i did this with cc?

  14. Fidele Hage says:

    Thanks for this helpful tutorial. I have a question though; Is it possible
    to have 2 hard drives (scratch disks) on a mac??

  15. Football Reviews says:

    Thank you this actually helped me?

  16. Aldhiaz Pradipta says:

    so helpfull?

  17. Monte Taylor says:

    Hey, I can’t even open this piece of crap Adobe Photoshop so HOW do I clean
    up this “Scratch Disk”?!!! My hard drive has Gigs of space, and recycle
    bin is empty.
    I’m on Windows so don’t have “Scratch drives” either.

    Idiots Adobe yet Again!!!!?

  18. dabojor125 says:

    Thanks man! ?

  19. Mangan S. says:

    i have 800gb free space and still not working?

  20. CrateGraphics IS MY NEW CHANNEL says:

    Does it effect the computer??

  21. Emperor Potato says:

    Thank you?

  22. Gabriel Escobar says:

    I have this error on a Win 7 x64 setup. I have a HD with over 200 gigs and
    still gets this message. This HD is an external that I have for my scratch
    disk. Photoshop lets me select this drive, so why am I still getting this
    error? Ironically the 32bit version works fine but Im unable to take
    advantage of my 6 gigs of ram as Win 7 32bit only sees about half that ram.
    What gives??

  23. Bulbul Chan says:

    Thank you so much. But in my case, Photoshop can’t be initialized because
    scratch disks are full, which means I can’t open Photoshop at all. please
    help ??

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