Adobe Photoshop Guide: How to make a vector signature – Tutorial #9

In this tutorial, I showed how to use vector shape to create a cool background out of it. Stuff I used: Fonts: Tauro: Unrealised:….
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In this video, master trainer Mark Lassoff, shows you a simple technique for converting PSD design files in to HTML and CSS code. | Click here…

20 Responses to “Adobe Photoshop Guide: How to make a vector signature – Tutorial #9”

  1. Barhom Basri says:

    Thanks ^_^ You really made me happy with your comment 🙂 and good luck ^,^

  2. ?????? ???? says:

    Thanks Looks Amazing I Will Start Do it Now

  3. Barhom Basri says:

    You really made me happy with your comment. I think you can send links via
    pm, but idk. I’m really glad that this tutorial helped you out 🙂 Thanks
    and you’re welcome 🙂

  4. Darrell Cheeks says:

    Thanks for the tut.

  5. Barhom Basri says:

    You’re welcome ^_^

  6. Ramón Merjenburgh says:

    Thanks a lot! I made my very first signature with this tutorial. I used a
    different gradient at the beginning, different text, different render,
    different color settings and a different size xD I wish I could show it to
    you but youtube comments won’t allow any links.

  7. DoomFinger511 says:

    Is there some website (like codecademy) out there that will allow me to
    practice doing this??

  8. Malik Perang says:

    bullshit. totally wasted my time!!!! ?

  9. Karl John Honrado says:

    It’s a complete waste of time..sigh!?

  10. Ompmega says:

    wtf this tutorial sucks ass. fk u?

  11. Alwyn Alejandro says:

    whats next then??

  12. M. Pathma says:

    What the hell, you intentionally missed the key parts, guest is business..?

  13. Chudolp Magato says:


  14. K. Volkan ÇATAK says:

    dangalak herif?

  15. Cosmic Wells says:

    What a load of rubbish,?

  16. ncubica says:

    Dude hahha that is pure (easy) html and css. Photoshop is no need it to
    accomplish that …?

  17. RitsinTuts says:

    There is a way to do this with out any coding.
    I made a vid about it?

  18. luisa martinez lb says:


  19. islam darwish says:

    I’m wondering what is the important use of Photoshop in this video , it is
    normal HTML and CSS and can be done without using Photoshop !!!!!!!?

  20. Raksa Chan says:

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