Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial – How to Remove A background From an Image

In this video tutorial I show you how to remove a background from an image in Adobe Photoshop. There are many ways of how to go about this BUT I show you my …

12 Responses to “Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial – How to Remove A background From an Image”

  1. lotus2 Sol says:

    thanks bro?

  2. arb bqr says:

    thnx for the vid and anyone saw the background it’s absolutely insane
    someone send me that?

  3. Blessings Abundance says:

    The magic eraser tool is awesome…thank you so much….you are a blessing?

  4. Houseplanman says:

    Holy Cow, I did not know about the magic eraser tool! You literally just
    saved me hours worth of work on cropping my drawings! Thank you!?

  5. Technologyguru77 says:

    The easiest way would be to just undo it (CMND/CTRL Z).

  6. Razorback Max says:

    The biggest issue I have is with the rough anti-aliasing on the edges when
    using the selection tools. Is there a way of getting smooth edges as
    opposed to the square/rough edges visible on your picture?

  7. Lucy Workman says:

    THanks for this WHen I use the magic eraser, it sometimes erases parts of
    the photo that I dont want erased. How do I avoid this / reverse it ?

  8. Lucy Workman says:

    ok yes its obvious! do you have a tutorial on what to do with the photo
    once the background is removed?

  9. Hussein Ghanam says:


  10. Comfye says:

    Awesome. your so clear. subscribed

  11. baNaNa1996ful says:

    How do I put the image on another background?

  12. Technologyguru77 says:

    Just select the image go to Edit – Copy – Open a new document and paste it
    onto it.

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