Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial – HDR effect from one photo – DanyDroidTV

This is a tutorial to show you how to do an HDR effect from only one photo. The result is nice! Mode 1: 1) Go on Image — Regolations — Shadows/Lights and s…

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33 Responses to “Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial – HDR effect from one photo – DanyDroidTV”

  1. horaciovel says:

    titulo en ingles pero PS en italiano…¿que carajo es esto?

  2. Jason Mettler says:

    Videocopilot – recognize it anywhere

  3. prudentialize says:


  4. photoguy19731 says:

    How did you make your intro??

  5. Paul Vani says:

    Gliè Geniale anke l’Idea….

  6. Jordan Ziolkowski says:

    He ripped it off of Andrew Kramer / Video CoPilot. Do a search for: “Video
    Copilot 113. Light Glow”

  7. Dragonmk188 says:

    Nacho Libre!!

  8. DanyDroidTV says:

    @PiruEM Send me a PM and explain me your problems! =) I can help you ^^

  9. Christian W says:


  10. imma jessie says:

    which program did you use for recording?

  11. DanyDroidTV says:

    @PhotographyTipsPix Read the description below! 😉

  12. Kevan Craft says:

    Great tutorial.. Like it!

  13. lioxait says:

    haha niente male un po paraculatoria la tecnica pero è bello l’efetto xD

  14. markusqt1 says:

    What kind of blur? Surface Blur?

  15. Jovan Jovanovic says:

    Do you know about Photo Ultimate Kits? My pal just discovered out earlier
    this week and he’s now already a photoshop guru.

  16. Sabrina Mura says:

    a sei italiano?

  17. Privet Salut says:

    Bravo. Thank you Danny 🙂

  18. DanyDroidTV says:

    Eeheh l’obiettivo è proprio “pararsi il culetto” in caso non si abbiano a
    disposizioni foto con differenti esposizioni! 😀

  19. Christian W says:

    Where is this castle? I need to go there!

  20. deneatins says:

    so,the title is in ENGLISH and your APS is in ITALIAN,dude,your brain is
    fucked up

  21. Edgar Morales says:

    @DanyDroidTV i resolved my problem 🙂

  22. srdjann98 says:

    I don’t have filters like you!

  23. ginestra73 says:

    bravo…il tuo tutorial è interessante

  24. EliSi MVM says:

    whith what program have you did this intro??

  25. DuveltjeBoem says:

    As a apple fan, This product is really amazing! ?

  26. Dyan Bermeo says:

    Should I invest in a new wacom tablet or buy this surface pro 3??

  27. James M says:

    looks like there was serious lag in the brief time i saw contact when he
    was drawing. as much as they want to appeal to “creatives” with pinching
    and zooming, they’d be better off showing us that there is zero lag when
    drawing and also provides good pressure sensitivity…and sorry but i find
    both presenters annoying and pretentious…especially the first guy…i
    feel like he’s trying to sell me a used car…and the adobe guy in a
    leather jacket? c’mon, are we supposed to think he just arrived on his
    Harley with some bikini-clad bombshell moments before the presentation?
    want to impress creatives? show a nice presentation of someone sketching or
    digital painting for at least 1 minutes, with a good view of stylus to
    screen, including quick strokes with a fairly complex (not 1 pixel) brush.?

  28. invisibleaznDJ says:

    Given the lag seen on this model in the video, I guess running photoshop on
    the $800 version tablet is pretty going to be pointless. Maybe if you
    paint in less then 800×600 it would be ok? And any news on the
    pressure sensitivity. I realize this won’t be wacom level, but there is
    definitely room for compromise given wacom’s price tag.?

  29. ZacVrono says:

    to be fair on the lag that is one seriously high res pic. anyone know if
    there is anyway to get pen pressure on photoshop on surface 3? i just
    traded in my pro 2 for a 3 and didn’t expect things to not work that they
    had working before _. I also only have cs6 photoshop.?

  30. invisibleaznDJ says:

    Will photoshop cloud build have the Surface pro features? ?

  31. ZephrusPrime says:

    tons of lag and no mention of pressure levels, looks like cintiq companion
    is still taunting me ?

  32. ewig Kase says:

    they did not address the pressure sensitivity in Photoshop which is
    important. He just drew squiggly line?

  33. Toby Thong says:

    adobe being the slow slow people, thinking wacom will do everything?

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