Adobe Photoshop CS5: How to Make a Nebula / Molecular Cloud – Tutorial.

btw guys, don’t take any notice of my stuttering or muttering, I do that that quite alot. xD Link to eagle nebula image:…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Here you can see an easy way how to draw and inking a cartoon figure with Adobe Illustrator.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

33 Responses to “Adobe Photoshop CS5: How to Make a Nebula / Molecular Cloud – Tutorial.”

  1. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +pixelbat I’m sorry, was that what you said when you pulled your dick out
    of your mum’s arsehole? I honestly wouldn’t bet on it mate, at the end of
    the day this is one of my earliest tutorials. So before you can make any
    sort of valid criticism please show me something better of your own. Now
    maybe I mumbled but you honestly don’t sound any better insulting me and
    mocking me through a comment without any kind of comparison with another
    image manipulation tutorial of this type, so please piss off if you’re
    going to talk to me like that unprovoked, I would rather you dislike it and
    make a rational comment explaining specifically what you don’t like about
    it. And sorry for interrupting your mum’s arse raping, that’s probably why
    you brought up words like “shit” and “cum stain”. Oh and if you want my cum
    back you’ll have to scrape it off your mum’s teeth…?

  2. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +irefuse2edit Haha, me too, glad I could help mate. ;)?

  3. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +gatewaybeyond I said “and…er…make a new layer again”.?

  4. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +DroxyClan Thanks man, glad to hear it. ;)?

  5. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +11vandev Well you’ve succeeded in that before you even answered the
    question so I wouldn’t bother if I were you mate…?

  6. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +Monika Angel I’m scrolling through all of the blend modes. ;)?

  7. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +Dominick Lopez Why’s that then??

  8. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +Ismail Safavi haha thanks, ikr? I would assume they were just a bunch of
    lifeless trolls trying to get through to me.?

  9. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +Sebastian Perez Thanks. ;)?

  10. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +AgentSniper Tex I can’t remember the exact title but I think it’s from a
    trance artist called Dragor. But thanks. ;)?

  11. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +FrenziedPhoenix Well tough, I continue to make videos and there is
    absolutely nothing you can do about it. So please would you ever so kindly
    fuck off??

  12. pixelbat says:

    This looks like total shit. lol. Worst PS tutorial ever. All you did was
    mumble and the final product looks like a cum stain on a star background. ?

  13. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +Samuel John King Copy and paste what? I’d love to see you do better…?

  14. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    According to some dick, defending yourself against obscene abuse with what
    just happens to obscene abuse back to make sure you win is reportable
    material. Seems legit… So the original abuser isn’t reported and let off
    yet the one sticking up for himself is in the wrong. Well that’s obscene in
    itself where I come from…?

  15. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +Austin wong I duplicated the first flare layer, flipped it round by making
    the width minus 100, then I changed the blend mode to screen. No problem
    mate, glad I could help. ;)?

  16. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +TgunDesign I’m manipulating images of nebulas to make different nebulas.
    Maybe the title the video was a bit off but this is really just a tutorial
    to show how to manipulate images in a fun way.?

  17. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +Melissa Peterson Sorry, I’ll try and be clearer next time. ;)?

  18. ArchaeozoicPictures says:

    +Amy Frodo Thanks. ;)?

  19. Ashatuku says:

    this is not a fucking tutorial?

  20. riskzerobeatz says:

    How much do you charge for an artwork similar to this one? I might wanna
    get one :)?

  21. Jenni Nexus says:

    I found watching this artist’s flow helpful, in a watch & learn kind of
    way… I’d still put it in my “Tutorials” Playlist to reference later. The
    character’s style reminds me of Archer. I appreciate it. 😉 ?

  22. Paul Hill says:

    Great video demonstrating excellent skills – especially like your use of
    gradients. Would like to hear some audio…your thoughts hints and tips are
    where the real value lies?

  23. Chris Thomas says:

    whats the deal with all these illustrator tuts with no sound??

  24. Masya Ventura says:

    can you please text me the brush settings? I can’t make such a brush with
    thin edges. Thanks?

  25. Jenny Webber says:

    this doesnt help at all, not a tutorial. More like, “hey look at me, I can
    trace someone’s art work.”?

  26. Warwick Doolan says:

    It’s a very good idea on how to draw in Illustrator but there is now audio
    and no voice over. A little hard to follow. However nice work.?

  27. Sheri Nutter says:

    This is a demonstration, NOT a tutorial. It’s really pretty cool, but
    doesn’t really help anyone learn. Maybe you could make an easier demo
    highlighting a few of the features you used, slower, and with audio
    explaining? You are very skilled and talented!?

  28. lunxrV2 says:

    not really a tutorial?

  29. IloveBlender says:


  30. sandra c says:

    Not a tutorial but still nice?

  31. Fischer Holly says:

    If someone has really strong knowledge of Illustrator this video would
    likely be helpful. But the illustrator moves at lightning fast speed and
    doesn’t speak at all so you cannot really understand what is happening here
    unless your knowledge of the program is already really good. What he
    accomplishes is impressive though. I will say that.?

  32. Kl?vs Iesalnieks says:

    An explanation would be awesome… its really pain to learn something fromo

  33. PixelDevStudios says:

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    youtube channel about. I will be buying a Wacom soon so you will se better
    drawings, it would be a big help if you could sub and like my videos and
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